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Saturday, July 9, 2011

It only takes ONE

Beautiful! :)

get over

~ Thomas Jefferson

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.

I woke up

fix something broken

Barbara Kimball

"Do not compare yourself with others, for you are a unique and wonderful creation. Make your own beautiful footprints in the snow."



Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Lyrics)

no reason to be mad at me.

marriage is like a deck of cards...

stalking your timeline!

Just when you think you're all alone, someone, somewhere is stalking your timeline! ;)

isn't someone

What you really need isn't someone who can give you everything everytime,
 but someone who can give you everytime in everything



who actually

There's nothing like being in a relationship with someone who actually understands you.

much room

Forever isn't enough

Captain Jack Sparrow

Rock on

What does that even mean?


why is it so hard
sometimes why even bother?



You have betrayed my trust…you left me alone on the pouring rain…
The book of Fairy Tales lied ……did they live happily ever after?

I climbed the mountain of promise and I saw our name written in the sky…the wind whispered your thoughts and it was not pure imagination!
The golden lilies nearby chanted our prayer to be one…
As the stars tickled the moonlight …I held your hands
… Exposing, the silhouette motions of the way we made love…
….. Alas a ray of moonbeam, oh my love I saw your face…

The face that I so adore…I cherish and I want to belong
A face that could brush away my melancholy…angelic and divine
I stared…stared to find…what is inside your heart...
There is someone…with glee my heart smiles…
BUT your love was not for me…NOT ME

Her hair was that of your golden lilies…her eyes twinkled like stars underneath our moonlight…the wind whispered a name I thought was mine…she was angelic and divine.
Woe is my life… tears curved a path down my cheek...woe is me... woe is me….
Love has forsaken me… let me die…let me die…my heart pleaded…
Hush Dear heart…hush my poor heart… hush
Almost lifeless….again I held my broken heart in my hand….
By: Moneshearl (Helen Ramos)

Wait until it ends by unknown

I've heard you whining so many times
and though I do try to understand
don't you see, it's making me
really really annoyed
every time you talk you complain
and act like your in so much pain
while I just roll my eyes and then smile
and try to help you through it
but it's nothing! Why can't you see
why can't you just be flaming happy?!
It’s nothing! It's minor!
It doesn't’t compare!
It’s nothing compared to my pain.
Every time your complaining
and act like it's so bad
and every time you talk
you make out your sad
but your life is brilliant
I want to swap with you
you act like your always depressed
I know it isn't’t true
you have no idea what it's like
to actually hurt inside
to hide, to cry, to be broken
a hundred and one times
you have no idea what I've been through
you have no idea how much I've cried
and you don't know that no one knows
because I keep it all inside
just shut up! I don't care!
Okay, so I'm not being fair
but so what? you can't see
how lucky you must really be
stop complaining about tiny things
just shut up and leave me be
but I'll never say these things
I know how much hurt it brings
so I'll just smile and pretend
and wait until it ends