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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Strong Woman

Learn, Live, Hope


Allie & Noha

it's not always going to be perfect

learn to appreciate what you have, before
time forces you to appreciate what you had.

i'm not saying every day is going to be worth waking up in the morning for, it's not always going to be perfect, but you have to move on, you have to get up, or you’ll never stumble upon the days that really, truly are worth
waking up for.'

it's amazing how two people can be so
perfect for each other; but they're
both too scared to get hurt that they
don't do anything about it.

Dumbledore's Army

Anne-Sophie Swetchine

To love deeply in one direction 
makes us more loving in all others. 

i always knew you'd be hard to forget.

you never realize how much you like someone
until you watch them like someone else

"i love that moment. when you're on a long car ride, or listening to music, or reading. and you completely zone out. you forget your troubles, and everyone around you. you're focused on that one thing, and that one thing only. you're content, and everything seems peaceful."

i need you to work over time tomorrow

growing older

running away from all of the things

we like complicated things

what you have

this is my wish for you

its a list try following it

the greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy

in your head

be my biggest

when you try.


thinking of someone

loving me ^___^



Fox, Megan Fox

lmao giaaaaaaaants

do you ever feel like there's not a person in the world

in the morning?

"i love you"

two worlds one family

Hakuna Matata ~ it means no worries


cuddle :)

i'll love you every second for the rest of my life

it would have been better id we'd never met, none of this would have happened...


little red hidinghood