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Saturday, December 31, 2011



Gandalf gives orders


I will walk through life until I find a king worthy of my heart anything less I'd rather be alone.

Random Fact:

This is how I felt when I realised that no matter how much I want you to understand you will never.. and i mean never be able to understand me.

2012 Checklist

Sorry for trying to be there for you~


I cry, but not because I need you back.
Not because I want you. 
But because I finally realize 
I'm learning how to let you go.

but is still single

Why do all there people assume we're gay?

That awkward moment when you fall in love with a piece of clothing, but then you see the price.

Stepping out the shower and feeling like the sexiest motherfucker on earth.

Tomorrow you'll wake up to 1 January 2012

my limit and yours


and the last leaf fell~

it really makes me wonder

When my Asian friends get anything less than an "A."

Britains Got Talent 2011 Olivia Binfield


Seriously I would run after you!

I was born with it.

Agravaine: You have magic.
Merlin: I was born with it.

--- Dear John

To all the boys:

the day you tell a girl you like her
is the happiest day of her life.

The thing is when you fall in love, its kind of like you go crazy.

When you tell your crush that you like them:


but this is their face in reality

waiting for the day when you'll tell me

Uft ^___^

Thanks for not Giving up on me

Where were you when i needed to hear it?

Feels Like Home

Every time i catch my parents in a bad mood.

Klaus and Stefan