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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I was born to be happy, not normal.

it was you,

Lord of the Rings Medley - Lindsey Stirling

How i prefer to work-out ;)

After greeting Cas.

After greeting Cas.

I know this has probably been done to death, but just look at both their faces. They are so relieved and hopeful and it just hurts.

I don’t think there are words worthy enough to describe Dean’s face. Relief, jollity, disbelief, I would even go ahead and throw in love

the same way my close friends do:

Just take small steps, you'll get there, with small steps :)

Maybe there is denial 
but at the same time it's a process
that needs to be dealt with

An expertly done three point turn

What will you do

What will you do today 
that will make you 
proud in a year?

Our Captain Hook

"Our Captain Hook can be charming and caring and that’s what makes it all the more heartbreaking when he does something villainous, because you know he has a moral code. He knows he is doing something wrong but he is just so consumed by this quest for revenge that he just can’t stop himself."