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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

oh Jimmy :)

Jimmy: If you hurt her, I don’t care how impossibly gigantic you are, I will chop you down like a cherry tree. And that ain’t no lie.
Clark: It’s nice to see that you’d risk ending up in traction to protect Chloe’s honor.
Jimmy: A girl like that? Worth spending the rest of my life in a body cast.


That awkward moment when people act like they know your best friend better than you do.

a monster

That boy is a 
he ate my heart

“You never really understand the concept of love

“You never really understand the concept of love until it’s placed in your hands for you to care for. To nurture. Not until it smacks you in the face and leaves you starstruck, do you realize how powerful it really is, and only then does it become something more than a four-lettered word. And when you finally pick yourself up off the ground from the fall, you’ll realize that the fall wasn’t so bad after all. From that moment on, you’ll notice that colors are brighter, and music is softer, and life just makes a little more sense. You’ll realize that your heart does beat for a reason, and that reason is love… Love is the only thing that can make you feel whole and empty at the same time. You feel empty because you’ve given your heart to someone, but at the same time, whole because someone has given you theirs to fill the space. And yes, you can choose to run from it, because it can get scary at times, but when you get where you’re going, it might not be where you want to go after all. And when you decide to turn around, love might not still be there waiting. So when it does knock you off your feet, catch your breath, wipe the dirt off your shoes, and run with it. Because it’s the scariest, the worst, the best, and the most amazing thing you’ll ever feel in your entire life.”

I could be....

First I was afraid...

Game of Thrones

The text that broke your heart.

Ever had that? Ever received a text message from someone, whether you woke up to it, got it during the day or before you ended your night & you looked at your phone & saw this long message, filled with words that hurt you, that completely changed your mood, that stopped you from breathing & put you in total disbelief? That everything you guys went through just ended by that text message? Crazy how a simple text message can make you feel complicated inside.