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Saturday, June 2, 2012

— Harivansh Rai Bachchan - Agneepath

“Vriksh Ho Bhale Khade
Ho Ghane Ho Bade,
Ek Patra Chhah Bhi Mang Mat, Mang Mat, Mang Mat,
Agneepath, Agneepath Agneepath;
Tu Na Thakega Kabhi
Tu Na Thamega Kabhi 
Tu Na Mudega Kabhi ,
Kar Shapath, Kar Shapath, Kar Shapath,
Agneepath, Agneepath, Agneepath.

Ye Mahan Drishya Hain,
Chal Raha Manushya Hain,
Ashru, Sweth, Rakta Se Latpat Latpat Latpat..
Agneepath, Agneepath, Agneepath.”
Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Agneepath

sweet tease :)

Teri Meri Kahaani

Mere dil pe fateh lehraane,
meri rooh ko bhigaane.
Yeh noor kahan se aaya,
iss baat ko Allah jaane…

For once, let me listen to my heart

— Oscar Levant

“There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. 
I have erased this line.”

words simple aren't enough anymore

Maybe I love you so much that words simple aren't enough anymore

Tomorrow may or may not be

Kal Ho Naa Ho
Remember to treasure the people you have in life while you have them
Tomorrow might be too late for that 'Hello/Goodbye'

3 Idiots (2009)

Deep Question #3

Question: You are on a flight from Honolulu to Chicago non-stop. There is a fire in the back of the plane. You have enough time to make ONE phone call. Who do you call? What do you tell them? 

~ Bruce Lee

“Do not be tense, just be ready, not thinking but not dreaming, not being set but being flexible. It is being wholly and quietly alive, aware and alert, ready for whatever may come.” 

you have to draw the line

At some point you will realize that you have 
done too much for someone or something, that
the only next possible step to do is to stop. 
Leave them alone. Walk away. It's not like 
you're giving up, and it's not like you shouldn't 
try. It's just that you have to draw the line of 
determination from desperation. What is truly 
yours would eventually be yours, and what is
not, no matter how hard you try, will never be.