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Friday, October 14, 2011

Save the Best for Last

Sometimes the snow comes down in June.
Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon
I see the passion in your eyes
Sometimes it's all a big surprise
'cause there was a time when all
I did was wish you'd tell me
this was love, it's not planned, but somehow
it's enough, and now we're standing
face to face, isn't this world
a crazy place just when I thought
our chance had set you free you
wondered what was wrong with you
'cause how could you give your love
to someone else and share
your dreams with me. Sometimes
the very thing you're looking for
is the one thing you can't see and
now I look upon the star just
when I thought our chances had
passed you go and save the best
for last.

young enough

but you already know~

(avoid heart accidents)


my entire world

a kiss is a lovely trick

would you catch a grenade for me?

on a boat far away~

a damn thing


would you like some pie?

crazy summer love

the beginning of everything


Do you have a heart of gold?