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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The first 4 words


What We Call Life

It’s a funny thing,

What we call life,

It gives us trouble,

It causes strife.

It makes us laugh,

It makes us cry,

Yet all we do,

Is stress and try.

To make it through,

Surpass Our frowns,

To make it past,

Life is ups and downs.

We don’t have a choice,

To stay or to go,

Were here for a while,

Is all that we know.

So however hard,

When there is no fun,

Sit back and remember,

We only get one.

~ Charlotte~

There are people you love so much

On nights like these I just want to cuddle up in my bed with a special someone...



one SMARTASS cat!

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Single is not a status.

Single is not a status. It is a word that describes 
a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy
 life without depending on others.


an investment in your life.

Whatever you put your time, energy and money into is an investment in your life. You get to decide what and who is worth it all.

When you're upset,

When you're upset, I feel like I have to make it better. I just want you to be happy because you deserve it.

Being single because you're so hot that no-one dares to ask you out.


–Genie (Aladdin)

You got someone special to talk to, a friend that you can trust for life. 

in the weirdest way

Meeting someone in the weirdest way, 
then they become a huge part of your life.

- Alan Saporta

"The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it."

–King Triton (The Little Mermaid)

Fathers have to learn that daughters have to grow. And if you truely love them, you must let them go.

And , I have to be OK with that.

No matter how long or hard I’ve loved you, 
you’ll never love me back. 
And , I have to be OK with that.

–Joe (The Princess Diaries 2)

Love does things for reasons that reason cannot understand. 

I still have feelings for you

...not enough to want you back...but enough to make it hurt.

someone else's feelings

Do not mess with someone else's feelings
just because you are unsure of yours.

your only weakness?

How can a person give you so much strength 
yet still be your only weakness?

David Tavare - Summer Love.avi

we're all in the game,

we're all in the game, 
just different levels; 
dealing with the same hell, 
just different devil

don't go to a place with a Plan A and B

Girls don't go to a place with a Plan A and B.. Some go to D

today a psychologist said something to me.

today a psychologist said something to me.
he said that the majority of people live within a box, and that's their entire reality. 
all they see is the inside of the box, and they're 'asleep' to anything else. 
people that have suffered from some form of mental illness are 'awake' because they've seen reality outside the box. 
he said no matter how hard people try to put the person back into the box, they will never fit, because they've seen something beyond it all.

- sam stevens

sometimes you hit a point where
you either change or self-destruct.

Our stories.

We're all strangers connected by what we reveal, what we share, what we take away... Our stories. I guess that's what I love about books. They are thin strands of humanity that tether us to one another for a small bit of time, that makes us feel less alone or even more comfortable with our aloneness, if need be.

carve this time out of your life

there isn't much better in this

life than finding a way to spend a

few hours in conversation with people

you respect and love. you have to

carve this time out of your life because

you aren't really living without it.

that does not want to stay.

can’t lose what you never had, 
can’t keep what’s not yours,
and can’t hold onto something
 that does not want to stay.

how to make moments last.

we go to school everyday. we learn pointless things, but we
are never taught how to make moments last. but i think the
most unfair thing is at the end of high school, we are tested
on something we are never taught - we have to stand in
front of each other and say goodbye.

when they are in love

when a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile.
when a boy is in love, you can see it in his eyes.

Will you dance

Will you dance for your life?

can't you see...

¿ǝʌoן sʇı ǝǝs noʎ ʇ,uɐɔ ʎqɐq ƃuısɐǝʇ ƃuıɥɔnoʇ


ι ωιℓℓ вɛ нɛяɛ, вʋт ι ωσи'т ωαιт ғσяɛʌɛя

someday someone

someday someone is going to look
at you with a light in their eyes you've
never seen, they'll look at you like
you're everything they've been looking
for their entire lives. wait for it.

an abstract painting.

cool myspace layouts
memory is an abstract painting.
it doesn't present things as how they
are, but rather as how they feel.

~ Unknown.

“Relationships are like glass. 
Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken 
than try to hurt yourself putting them back together.

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