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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

this dance

things we lose


Be like Mario


not the angel you once knew

~ Charles Caleb Colton

Money is the most envied, but the least enjoyed. 
Health is the most enjoyed, but the least envied.

5x05: Thirst

She never did print the article, but I don’t care. I got in on the ground floor of my dream. Okay, so it’s actually the basement. But, it’s the Daily Planet! The paper of record for kings, presidents and prime ministers; not to mention future super heroes. The way I look at it, I had no place to go, but up, up, and away. 

belong to the mortal world

~ Seneca

The greatest remedy for anger is delay. 
~ Seneca


“Some people pass through your life and you never think about them again. Some you think about and wonder what ever happened to them. Some you wonder if they ever wonder what happened to you. And then there are some you wish you never had to think about again. But you do.”
“I love it when you dance with me when there’s no music, sing to me when everyone’s around, stare at me in the moonlight, buy me 25 cent rings, and propose to me. Tickle me when I’m mad at you. Kiss me when I’m upset, hold me when I’m tired. Take me in your arms when I’m cold and you simply say I love you.”

cold outside

“I know it’s cold outside, but would you want to go for a ride? Because this late night’s just no fun without you. And I just wanted to say thanks, you’re the only reason I’ve smiled in days.”


Nobody baby

call out for something unknown

messed up little mind of yours.

goes cold

you don't know cutting unless you've been a cutter. To everyone who has cut themselves: STOP - you're beautiful just the way you are.

Can I tell you a secret?

All you know, is just a fraction of everything you need to know


you'll always find two hands

In tough times you'll always find two hands eagerly waiting to help you. And those hands will be at the end of your own arms!

meant to be

Why waste your time getting hurt,,,

when you're online

just because she gets hurts easily doesn't mean that she is weak.

talk to

People should be able to say how they feel


When the boy hangs out with the girl 24/7, he starts to have a crush on her, but he doesn't tell her because it might ruin their friendship. the worst part is that she’d talk bout the guy that she likes to him all the time, and the boy is always jealous and wished that the guy was him; when secretly, she is talking about him the whole time and is just waiting to see if he would pick up the hint.

usually knows

its human


Agreed! ^^

you chose to live and cry or change and smile


Curved yellow friuts

bully the boys on the set

a photograph

is the result of personal effort

chew like you have a secret

Community sites as animals


I want to

make a wish

things I've never told anybody




grow up

without the dark

I love being fat.

kill people

I would have

I'm fine, just not happy.

trying to keep it together


Bob Marley

A Cinderella Story