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Friday, July 22, 2011


Person In The Crowd by Chelsea.

You know I never knew you were like this
You’re not like when we had that first kiss
Why can’t we go back to be the same?
Why do I always have to take the blame?
I used to be proud
Now I just feel like a lonely person in the crowd

Living In The Dark

I’m living in the dark
Don’t want to see the dawn
But I can’t get why life is not going on
Why can’t I care?
It’s just not fare
The greatest gift I had is gone
I try to feel! But I have no feeling
I try to cry! But the tears aren’t dripping
I want to be loved! But nobody is loving
I want to live but life isn’t worth living

As I pass through the miserable waterfalls of my life I named unshed tears
In the fantasy of my mind, i never got to slay a monster I happened to call hate
I’m living in the dark
The devils howl across my dreadful expression
The sun, it never poured down its light
On my barren heart as I tried to fight
Whatever happened it isn’t right
My love for happiness turned into a thorn, piercing my soul
When I looked inside, my faith had died
I’m a soul in torment
Not being able to say goodbye
Thus I am shy!!!
By Roger Avenger

Fake Hopes And Dreams

Fake hopes and dreams
Die by the age of thirteen
You start to understand
You see the world isn’t in the palm of your hand anymore

You have to fight for what’s right
All you can see is closed doors
Everything is rotten to the core
What the f++k is there to live for
You dont know?
Maybe it’s a girl,a hobby
Whatever it is it’s there so stop sobbing
Get up and live today like it was your last
dont think about the past
You only have one life
Don’t end it with a bloody knife
By Admin

The Greatest Accomplishments In Life

To dream, to dare make true;
To fail, improve and learn from, in times due.
To change, evolve, and become stronger than before;
To recognize and overcome past pains from closed doors.
To share and love someone with talk, touch and time;
To see what is not there, yet feel its glow and shine.
To believe in oneself, in the face of adversity;
To express oneself, let go of fears, and enjoy life’s diversity.

To live within your means, without selling happiness for wealth;
To learn, and lead others to better their health.
To be true to your desires and spirit at all cost;
to follow your own path, and lead those who are lost.
To enjoy Beauty in all her mysterious forms;
To reconnect with items cherished, once lost to the storm.
To pay it forward, and not back;
To deliver light to the soul gone black.
By F.L.Dopico 12/26/2008

What Is Love By Kiherra

The age old question. what is love?
Isn’t it the greatest gift from the holy one above
Is it pure and white like a newborn dove?
Does it cuddle you up like a hand in a glove?
What is love? A simple but hard question
What is love? I have a suggestion

Love is peace and love is hope
Love is the referee that gets you off the ropes
Love is a beach of water and sand
Love is the backup to all other plans
Love is unknown to those who hate
Love is the key that gets you into the gate
Love is the sugar that is in candy
Love is a tool that will always come in handy
Love is a leaf on the tree
Love is the wedding ring and him on one knee
Love is solid like a table
Love is not a myth love is not a fable
Love is true and love is real
You’ll know when you find it by the way you feel
Love is great. It’ll never disappoint you even if it comes late.
L-O-V-E will make you drop you to your knees
Love is the key that opens the door
Love is the thing that you want more and more
Love is the only thing that you live for

As a girl...

your voice

more than I could ever


-Wiz Khalifa

Think Of Me by Mariah Kay

Think of me,
When darkness carasses you
When it seems you can only grasp at night
Think of me,
When pain stabs at you
When you know that you can’t fight
I know that I can’t save you
Its hopeless to even try.
But you can think of me,
When your drowning in your night

Think of me,
When desperation starves you.
When hunger thins your heart
Think of me
Lonliness spites you
Reminding you we will always be apart
I know that I can’t save you
Its hopeless to even try
But you can think of me
When your drowning in your night
Its too dark…I can’t see you..
I won’t help you,don’t make my try…
I don’t want to drown…don’t take me under…
I’m afraid of your night…
Just think of me…

What If I Told You by Gabrielle Helms.

What if I told you that everything that you think about me is nothing but a lie?
What if I told you I put on a fake smile only so I won’t have to cry?
What if I told you that I say “I LOVE YOU”,just to get by?
What if I seen you hurt and all I did was stand-by?
What if I told you that you weren’t my only guy?
What if I told you that I’m hurt when you’re not near-by?
What if I told you that to this relationship I have to say good-bye?
What if I told you that this is your life that I’m trying to imply?
What if i told you that you’re love I have to defy?