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Sunday, July 24, 2011

no idea

clothes ON

The difference between me and her? 
I can make him smile with my clothes ON ;)

-pretty little liars

we think we know who we are, but we don't. not until something
 happens to us. 
-pretty little liars

everybody is leaving, from this town and from me. they've got the burning flame, they surely achieve their aim. you know that's tough for me to see. oh, how i wish i could do the same as them and go. just pack my bags and goodbye, get out fast or fade away real slow. -duckpond by millencolin

the purpose of life is not to be happy. it is to be useful,
to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make
some difference that you have lived and lived well.

when someone leaves, someone

when someone leaves, someone
else is about to arrive. freedom
isn't the absence of commitment
but the ability to choose and
commit yourself to what's best for you
"there are split seconds in the morning between waking and sleep when you know nothing. not just things like missing who or where you are, but nothing. the fact of being alive has no substance. no awareness of skin and bone, the trap inside the skull. for these split seconds, you hover in thesky like icarus. then, you remember."
just when we thought that we're already maturedunexpected events would occur to make us realize we still have lots of growing up to do.

you can't force

you can't force something to go one way,
when it’s meant to go another
nothing's shatterproof. you can crash and burn and come back someone new. and that's what i learned from you.
autumn rain, window pane, looking how the leaves change, just like the two of us. still got your laugh, your ghost, your jacket. guess i loved you way too much but i'm a little smarter, my heart's a little harder but it's still soft enough to cry ‘cause i remember those times

- drew barrymore

i have a theory that every time you make an important choice, the part of you left behind continues the other lifeyou could have had. 
if you’re going through hell,
i suggest you come back learning something.
- Drew Barrymore
closeness doesn't come when you are together.
it comes when you are apart and realize that despite
not seeing, you never stop remembering :)

she's got

she's got this subtle beauty, where she knows what you're thinking, but she doesn't let you know she's got you figured out.

she's beautiful but she'll never admit it. music is her life, literally. ask for a good song, she'll give you five. jeans and wearing her hair down are her trademarks. she's afraid of the dark and obsessed with her friends. when she smiles, her whole face lights up. and her heart is broken by a guy who doesn't love her. and you know what? she doesn't care.
he's gonna be so sorry he lost you, so stop worrying. forget the past, forget the
pain, and remember what an incredible woman you are. when you do that, is when
he realizes what he's lost.

new label: text

i am learning that perfection isn't what matters.
in fact, it's the very thing that can destroy you if you let it.
-- Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin --

Always tell someone how you feel.
mean what you say & say what you mean
even when it's hard because opportunities are
lost in the blink of an eye, but regrets can last a lifetime.

i may be short, but i stand
taller than any of you ever will.

we're going to be okay

"people get stuck in moments. hearts break and don't
fix easy. love is nothing easy. it is not cheap. it is the
greatest thing that happens on this planet, and so it
comes priced as gold. one of my best friends used to
sing the words "love is war". there is the fight for holding
on. and the fight for letting go. the hardest thing i have
ever experienced is the learning which and when. but i
still say it's worth it, that love is real and possible. there are
things worth fighting for, and love is at the top of the list."
growing up is never easy.
you hold on to things that were.
you wonder what's to come.
 but that night, i think we knew it was time to let go of what had been,
 and look ahead to what would be.
other days. new days. days to come.
the thing is, we didn't have to hate each other for getting older.
we just had to forgive ourselves for growing up.
-- the wonder years --
even after all this time, the sun never tells the earth “you owe me”. look what happens with a love like that: it lights up the whole sky.

- sarah dessen (just listen)

every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. and the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than the ones in your right. it really is the most poetic thing i know about physics: you are all stardust.
if you can wait until i get home
then i swear we can make this last.
if you can wait until i get home
then i swear come tomorrow
this will all be in the past
there comes a time when the world gets quiet, and the
only thing left is your own heart. so you'd better learn
the sound of it. otherwise, you'll never understand what
it's saying.

i just follow my heart…

i just follow my heart…but sometimes,
maybe too often, I follow my pain. i'm
trying hard to stop doing that.
dreams come in a size too big
so that we may grow into them.
way to go kid. you've got this spell on her
that she just can't seem to break. she is so
strong and in an instant, you could break her
down. she knows you won't but you could and
that scares her. she has realized she has made
some mistakes in the past and when you're up
to your old tricks, she's tempted to make them
again. but yet, coming back to you seems to be
her favourite habit.

letting go

letting go doesn't mean we don't care.
letting go doesn't mean we shut down.
letting go means we stop trying to force
outcomes and make people behave. it means
we give up resistance to the way things are,
for the moment. it means we stop trying to do
the impossible–controlling that which we cannot
–and instead, focus on what is possible
i think life is simpler than we tend to think. we look
for answers and more answers. but there are no
. things happen in life, good things and bad.
people say, 'why did it happen to me?' well, why not?
some people win the lottery, and others die in a car
crash. it happens, and there is nothing we can do about
it. the universe doesn't care what happens to you.

right now, i’m working on figuring out who I am. i know
it will probably never be good enough, but i can’t continue
to be a stranger in my own skin.

"perhaps they were right putting love into books. perhaps it could not live anywhere else." -william faulkner

so i’m going out there. and i’m going to do the
best i can. people are going to get in my way.
things are going to bring me down. but i’m
going to keep going. i’m going to reach as far as
i can, for every thing i’ve ever wanted. and i’m
not giving up. because that’s what you do when
your dreams are more important than your
fears. you go out there and ignore the odds. you
focus on one thing, that your dreams come true.

i just wanted to tell you, that you are why i daydream.
you are why i'm always so tired, because i spend the
whole night thinking about you. you are the reason i
come to school each morning. you are why i get those
butterflies in my stomach. Every time I look at you, my
heart begins to race. it's that simple; you are my everything
if your love is deep, passionate and extremely profound,
fight for it. otherwise, don’t bother. we already have so
many mediocre things in life, and love should not be one.

- zayn malik

each of us get a little bit stronger. each of us represents a
star in heaven. sometimes we shine with the rest, sometimes
we twinkle alone and sometimes, when we least expect
it, we make someone else's dreams come true.

see you when i see you
another place some other time
if i ever get down your way
or you're ever up around mine
we'll laugh about the old days
and catch up on the new
yeah i'll see you when i see you
and i hope it's someday soon
-jason aldean
"life is funny. things change, people change. but you
will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never
sacrifce who you are for anyone."