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Monday, January 7, 2013

a new day

i try so hard,



i care about you so much.


Live life fully while you're here.

In 2013, i hope....

Directors: doing it right.

Kyun karte ho mujhse itna pyaar?

Naina: Itna pyaar karte ho, ki jaane ke baad bhi mere liye pyaar chod ke jaana chahte ho…..chahe kisi aur ka hi sahi….Kyun? Kyun karte ho mujhse itna pyaar?

Aman: Main tumse pyaar nahin karta Naina, I don’t love you.. I don’t love you.

sometimes we hold on to the past too hard because we fear that we will never experience the same happiness again.

It will get worse and then it will get better.

Relaxing Celtic Music - Spring Charm