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Friday, January 13, 2012

Doing Laundry the Stitch way ;)




Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to. Everyone who smiles at you is not your friend.

Chemistry Joke^___^

I love you so much

there isn't many years between us
I've known you practiacally your whole life 
and I've seen you grow from baby to boy.
We have fought, cried and played
but in the end we were there for each other
we hugged and we kissed and we cuddled
we simply took care of each other
and now, when, we both are matured
enough to see how cruel the world can be
we still hold our hands and working hard
to keep this bond between us
steady, so that none 
can ever come between us
oh dear one our bond shall be
forever unbreakable~

Twilight vs. Tangled (the proper reaction)

I don't care what your gender is, I'm calling you dude.

You’re a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude, your mom’s a dude.

Never give up on anybody.

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. ~ Peace Pilgrim

it's okay

Robert Frost