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Monday, March 19, 2012

oh mama! :P

it doesn't matter...

the more unavailable they are, the more I like them

getting ready for.....

a list of things i should remember:

time heals
the sunrise is a constant
salt water stings
i am worth all of it
driving calms
the music will never end
books finish
(sometimes happily) 
the phoebe birds will always sing my grandmother's name
locked doors can be unlocked
trees produce oxygen
i produce carbon dioxide 
stars die all the time
the sun burns


Women can be wonderful and fill your life with joy.
Women can be teasers and treat you like a toy.
Women can be callous and break your loving heart.
And Women can be dangerous and tear your life apart.
But! …..No matter how you take them,
as a lover,
a friend,
or foe,
We Men, can’t live without them,
And that’s all we need to know!
~ Michael Andrew Dare~

That person who followed you since you were a newbie and up to now, they still following you.

when people treat you like nothing.


true love's kiss

a true love's kiss can
cure anything

— ”I’d offer to give you a ride…but I don’t want ya gettin’ any ideas.”

The greatest

not the one with the problem

4 Days left!!