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Thursday, November 1, 2012


*Today is exactly 60 days to a new year*
In July i wrote about time-management . Click Here For the July Entry. I talked about how to take more control in life. Do you feel like you are in control? Think about it. 10 months has passed. Do you feel like you have accomplished something? Have you made the most of your time at work, in school with family and friends?
I have put my best effort to make the most of time. There has been events, that has happened in the blink of a second. I don't know but i did not think something as meaningful could happen in such short notice of time. Why? Because that is how it is today. We are told to stay on hold no matter emergency. People tell us to "calm down", "go to sleep", "exercise", "forget about it", "do something" to get us back in line. 

I realized during these events that if you strongly want or need something it is just a matter of hours before something/someone reaches out to help you. Advice? Seize it!

Now, Why did i feel like it couldn't happen?  Because I couldn't see, hear or feel it, but i hoped for it. If there is anything i can tell you it's hard work pays off. You might not get immediate results but YOU WILL see results if you keep doing what you do. Expect things from yourself before you do anything. It will keep you motivated and alert