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Thursday, December 25, 2014

I don't want much for Christmas

I just wanted to wish you ♥

— Margaret Atwood

“When we think of the past, it’s the beautiful things we pick out. We want to believe it was all like that.”

I’ll fight to

“I’ll fight to keep you not to win you.”

He kissed her cheek

“He kissed her cheek and then she knew, you could get homesick for people too.”

Seasons Greetings from Sunnydale

Sweet ramblings.

“She is who she is and you can choose to love her or not, but don’t stereotype her into something she’s not.”

You should have seen the way he was looking at you.... like you're the ocean

Did the Snow Queen turn up, did I miss the search party?

That’s not why I’m here.

Shine bright :)

Happy Christmas

Oli and Felicity ♥