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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

not just a daydream


Dumbledore about standing up

— Albert Camus

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so
absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”


Which step have you reached today?

the Black Pearl

Celtic Music - Wild Flower

this kind of music takes me to a whole different world. I'm in love~

you weren't actually there

i woke up one day, 
looking at you
you weren't actually there
but it was you
strangely i did not care.

taking a trip down memory lane...

Becoming A Woman Of Excellence

A woman of excellence
Is what I long to be
Filled with your godly wisdom
So it is part of me

A woman of integrity
No matter what I face
Standing up for righteousness
And for your saving grace

A woman of destiny
Living out your plan
Knowing where you’d have me walk
Being guided by your hand

A woman of promise
Standing on your word
Holding on to all the truths
While carrying out your work

A woman of compassion
For the ones in the dark
Those that do not know your love
And have darkness in their hearts

A woman that will never
Compromise the faith
With what the world may offer
But will keep the narrow way

A woman who loves Lord
And will only follow Him
Gladly to give up the world
So His light can shine within

Lord this is my earnest prayer
As a daughter by your grace
Grow in me these qualities
As I walk with you in faith

~ M.S. Lowndes