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Saturday, June 18, 2011

breaking up?

trying to remember

Say It Now

Don't wait too long to show you care
For those you love won't always be there
Life is short sometimes so don't wait
Or when you finally speak it'll be too late

We may nor get another chance to say
What's on our minds each and every day
Then you'll always wonder if they knew
Just how very much they meant to you

Seize every opportunity to bear your heart
And don't wait 'til you're torn apart
Speak of your pride, joy and love
So they won't have to hear it from above

Say it now, I think you should
So after they're gone you'll still feel good

~Cheryl Neidig

Reality of Fear

For You, My Friend

Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're one of the ones I won't forget
And if I die before you do
I'll go to Heaven and wait for you.
I'll give the angels back their wings,
And risk the loss of everything.
Just to prove my friendship is true,
To have a friend like you! 
True friends like you can't be bought
As my God has plainly taught.
You are there through laughter and tears,
And to listen to me fears.
I just hope and pray every day
That we never, never go astray.
I only pray my friendship to you
Is just as precious and as true.
A gift from God you are to me,
And I thank Him daily on bended knee.
So I cherish each day you're with me,
'Til the time we are eternally with Thee

~Rosa Snyder

my turn


I'm not happy nor sad
I'm disappointed on everyone
even myself

I Wonder Why

I wonder why we are who we are
I wish to see what we would do to go so far
to reach the end of the world
to see the beauty as deep as can be
I wonder why we are who we are

I wonder why so hard we try
to be someone who makes us cry
deep down inside
when we're just too scared
to let people see
truly, who we can be
I wonder why so hard we try

I wonder why all the pain we feel
is kept inside up and left unreal
is it true?
we hide our emotions
or is it a potion we've taken
to keep everything sacred
I wonder why all the pain we feel
is kept inside and left unreal
~Christopher Anderson

Do You See Me?

I'm in a room full of people.
Everyone smiling, laughing, having a good time.
They think they know me,
But they don't.
They see me as they expect me to be.
They don't see the "real" me.
I'm so alone, so lonely,
I try to be what they want,
But I don't fit in
I want to yell SEE ME!!!
I'm here, scared, lonely, afraid to be seen.
See me...
I'm here waiting,
So unsure of myself.
Do you see me?
The little girl inside?
I'm in a room full or people,
But unseen
Do you see me?

~Karen Riffle-Reid

The Ride

I was drunk that foggy night,
Then all of a sudden I saw a big light.
We crashed so sudden into a tree
That glass and blood was all I could see.

My friend was with me all the way; 
Through the crash we both had to pay.
I looked over at Emily and she was crying;
I suddenly knew we both were dying.

Emily looked over and held my hand tight;
The light was blinding, out of sight.
I'm so mad at what I did.
Oh, save us, God; we're just kids.

I looked over at her again and everything was white;
We vanished quickly through the night.
Our lives were all over that dreadful day,
And I always thought we were here to stay.

~Heather Vinson

if a girl is stupid enough


the Notebook - Allie

What to Do By Steven Hawkins

Of all the things I love in this world,
Out of all things I do,
Out of all the people that I love,
The one I love most is you.
Each day I take a closer step,
To expressing my love for you,
Each day another goal is met,
For you to see what’s true.
I hope one single day,
When our eyes meet,
You will see the true me,
That me you’ll want to keep,
For you will see,
Just by the look in my eyes,
I’ll never leave your side,
Even if I die.
Times flying by,
For me to confront you,
But until then,
What to do,
What to do?

Do you like him?

live and love

a wise person once told me

end it all

cause most pain

the Amazing moments in life

we are all

our own

When people are arguing and try to pull me into the conversation

lol f*ck no i don’t know the two of you

goes all weird


Are u taking time to connect with people u love this weeknd? Friends, family, urself? Take 1 hr to do somethin you love with someone u love.

standing in your way

hurt for the same reason

than you'll ever know

Didn't expect you to remember the things I forgot

the heart and brain

with a ribbon

wasn't much to hold on to

i love you

like two days ago???

not ready


she had only 10% chance of survival. and guess what? she survived.

left behind

"are you seriously going to sit at that computer the whole day?!"