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Sunday, September 22, 2013

— Six Word Story #30

“You deserve happiness. So I left.”

the worst feeling ever.


“Relax. You will become an adult. You will figure out your career. You will find someone who loves you. You have a whole lifetime; time takes time. The only way to fail at life is to abstain.”

Chandler Bing, you smooth son of a bit*h.

How to love.

Did someone break........?


— Jonathan Carroll

“There are people we meet in life who miss being important to us by inches, days, or heartbeats. Another place or time or a different emotional frame of mind and we would willingly fall into their arms; gladly take up their challenge or invitation. But as it is, we encounter them when we are discontent or content and they are not. Whatever they are, we are not and vice versa. Two trains going in different directions that pass for a few powerful moments at full speed, blasting noise and wind but then they are gone. Whatever serious chemistry might have been possible if, isn’t.”

Jenny Downham, Before I Die

— Unknown

“You can ask the universe for all the signs you want, but ultimately, we see what we want to see when we’re ready to see it.”

— Iyanla Vanzant, Until Today!

“Your breathing. The beating of your heart. The expansion of your lungs. Your mere presence is all that is needed to establish your worth.”


Ouroboros: a serpent biting its own tail. A mythological and alchemic symbol of the cyclic nature of the universe: creation out of destruction, life out of death. The ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life in an eternal cycle of renewal.

i wonder what you think when you see me?

pieces of dust

i long for you
i miss you 
i think of you
i kiss you
i wish for you
i punch you.

— Eckhart Tolle

“Stress is caused 
by being ‘here’ 
but wanting to 
be ‘there’.”

You’re my home, I know it.”

“I love being around you. 
All it takes is a simple smile or embrace and I feel whole again. 
Thank-you for always being there, unconditionally loving me through highs, through lows. 
It’s been so long and the connection we share continues to burn brightly. 
Your light trumps all darkness. 
You’re my home, I know it.”

“Flapper “

The notorious character type who bobbed her hair, smoke cigarettes, drank gin, sported short skirts, and passed her evenings in steamy jazz clubs, where she danced in a shockingly immodest fashion with a revolving cast of male suitors.”

“The New Woman of the 1920s boldly asserted her right to dance, drink, smoke, and date— to work her own property, to live free of the strictures that governed her mother’s generation. (…) She flouted Victorian-era conventions and scandalized her parents. In many ways, she controlled her own destiny”

Walk all over you.

Facts on Learning

Did you know that:

     1. We only remember about 10% of what we read 
         (textbooks, papers, articles etc)

     2.  We only retain about 20% of what we hear 
         (lectures, talks, podcasts, conversations etc)

     3. We only remember about 30% of what we see 
         (videos, graphs and photographs)

     4.  We remember about 50% of what we hear and see together 
          (a presentation, demonstration or exhibition)

     5. When we’re an active participant in learning, we remember 70% of the material 
         (This includes taking part in a discussion, writing down what 
          you hearing and observing, and actively reflecting on presented material)  

     6. When you are the teacher or presenter, and have to share your 
         learning with others, you remember close to 90% of what you’ve learned.

— Jon Richardson

“I don’t need
 someone to 
complete me, 
I need someone 
to make things 
a little bit 
every now 
and again.”

Life doesn’t always introduce you to the people you want to meet.

“Life doesn’t always introduce you to the people you want to meet. Sometimes life puts you in touch with the people you need to meet–- to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you, and to gradually strengthen you into the person you were meant to become.”


just tired of it.

im no longer going to look for a guy, im not going to try to talk to him first. i wont try to get him to put me in his life. if a guy wants me, he can find me. if he wants to talk, he can talk. if he wants me in his life, he can find a way to put me there.