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Saturday, March 12, 2011

please replay.

Bad memories go away, good memories please replay.

I didn't walk away because....

I didn't walk away because I fell out of love. I left because I was tired of fooling myself into thinking that this is anything like love.

No US!

Relationship = No Trust, No US!

Get your own life first

If you are not happy being single, you'll never be happy in a relationship.! Get your own life first, then share it with someone.

Every sunset brings

Every sunset brings peace, every sunrise brings hope

i care...

[I] thought you [care]d

I say what I want to say,

I say what I want to say, and do what I want to do. There's no in between. People will either love you for it, or hate you for it

this is IMPORTANT!

One man's trash is another man's daughter.

Never regret!

Never regret something just because it hurts you, for you always learn something every time you are hurt.

stop trying to find

When you stop trying to find the right man and start becoming the right woman, the right man will find his way to you.

If you REALLY love her

If you REALLY love her you'll FIND ALL the words in the world to say how much.


I want chocolate...
Just because you're grown up, doesn't mean you don't need someone to confide in. In fact, logic dictates that the opposite is true. Life becomes more complex and difficult as we get older. The people that we confide in as adults are very valuable. We usually choose our friends based on common interests that we share. We may have different friends for the variety of activities that we engage in. The important thing is that there is sense of mutual respect, and caring for each other.

Believe you are loved

When you are in a crowd,
When you are alone;

When you are in pain,
When your world is dazzling with delight;

When life isn’t fair,
When your joy multiplies exponentially;

When you rise up,
When you lie down,

And all times in between;

that is when you are thought of,
then is when you are appreciated,
this is when you are loved.
© Jj Childs


Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss,
If you are my friend, please answer me this:
Are we friends, or are we not?
You told me once, but I forgot.
So tell me now, and tell me true,
So I can say I'm here for you.
Of all the friends I've ever met,
You're the one I won't forget.
And if I die before you do,
I'll go to Heaven and wait for you,
I'll give the angels back their wings
And risk the loss of everything.
There isn't a thing I wouldn't do,
To have a friend just like you!
© Narek Oganesyan

Sunshine by Kahlen

Who would have thought we'd be best friends?
Who would have known on you I could depend?
Who could have saw it would end so fast?
Now our strong bond remains in the past.
You were there for me as long as it worked for you.
I never realized how much I depended on you.
You've gotten lost in someone who is not worth your time.
I guess along the way I forgot you weren't "mine".
How the person I thought you were has left my sight...
I swear, I tried so hard to keep us strong, I held with all my might.
When I finally got the nerve to tell you how it made me feel,
you tried to keep your heart from seeing it was real.
You let me walk out of your life and you didn't even know.
I think inside you had convinced yourself I'd never go,
Everyone always says guys and girls can’t be just friends any more.
We always used to laugh it off; I guess in our hearts we thought we were so sure...
Yet here I am, saying goodbye.
I gave it my all, I had to try,
and though I'm still around and you see me every now and again
soon you'll see... you've lost your best friend.
© Kahlen
comments: omg, I was just googling for poems and this one came up, yeah I have a friend I used to call him 'Sunshine.'... now no more.

Value of Friendship!

What is the value of a new suit $500
What is the value of a College Education..$50,000
Value of a New Home..$200,000
What is the value of a Rolex Watch..$2,000

What is the value of a Friend?
Friends to listen
Friends to care
Friends to last a lifetime
© Marc Nix

How Do You?

How do you tell a friend that you are worried about them?
That you think that they are not making good decisions right now.
That it scares you to see them like this.
You know that you will be there for them, but how do you make them see that?
How do you tell them so they don't get mad?
Do you tell them straight up so they deny it saying they are ok?
It's complicated no matter who you are.
Its hurts to see your friends like this.
You don't want to push them away because you have a special bond.
So how do you tell someone you love, this?
There is no easy way.
© Melissa A. Putzell

If I Could Tell You

When I see you in the morning
it brightens up my day
there are so many thoughts on my mind
so many words I want to say

I want to tell you how I feel
but the words I can not find
they're all mixed up with my thoughts
that are running through my mind

I've been keeping it locked up
because I know there's not a chance
you never look my way
you don't even take a glance

You don't even know you're doing this
toying with my heart
I wish I could just tell you
but I don't know where to start

Should I tell you how much you mean to me
or how bad I want to be with you
if I were to say these things
how would you react, what would you do

Would you never talk to me again
would you never look my way
that would just bring me back
to where I am today

Then I'd start all over
and choose a different route
to make you understand
my feelings that want out

I don't know what to do
or even how to say
maybe I should lock it up
and keep myself away

My heart would ache even more
but maybe for the good
I just really want to tell you
only if I could.
© Krystal
i did tell

By Kahlil Gibran

A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand. Is not the mountain far more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain?