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Monday, November 15, 2010

Why paus?

Why is it so that all of a sudden I'm not posting/mass bombing you with quotes?
The answer is simple, I don't want to feed you with quotes if it doesn't make you rethink/evaluate yourself.
All quotes are collected from all corners of the world, some are personal, strong, emotional or motivational and it is up to you to "start with the man in the mirror" and you, people, won't be able to do that if I bomb you with new quotes 24/7. Therefore I recommend you to scroll down to the bottom and select a label and collect your favourite quotes and make them your own and insert it into your life. For example:

Pizza vs Ambulance

We live in the age where pizza gets to your house faster then an ambulance.

This quote is pretty strong and unfortunately it has corns of truth in it... analyse it, is it true? in what way? how can we do something about it? why does it even happen?
Try it and give me some feedback on it;) Have a good sleep ~*~