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Thursday, September 8, 2011

i'm sarcastic

there's a place

Jack Dawson



it shouldn't

winter is just a few months away

We all get pissed at our hair sometimes


Last night was amazing - somehow I managed to get into a state where I was close to sleeping fully conscious -inside- but not visually in contact with the outside- the TV-noise wasn't bothering the older brother talking and laughing wasn't bothering. The movement and breathing was in total control and the inner glow was kind of straigthening the back of ones spine. I was on the bed since I was freezing. The focus lied in a conversation to be honest. It was an inner conversation with me and something else. I think I worked with the necklace 3 times then unfortunately a text message made me open my eyes; which took some time but once it happened feeling slowly faded away. It was indeed something that I've never experienced before. Unbelievable and intriguing.

Have you ever felt like this? 

We can do it!

I like to move it move it!