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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love for All

i'm sorry i'm not rich and famous, this word is all i got

happiness and cupcakes

[M/V] G-DRAGON - Heartbreaker

To Him.

how to say ” I love you” with math

i LOVE this one! Men vs. Women



would be so much simpler if

Tilt the screen back.


when he smiles

two bodies.... but one soul...

You Are Beautiful, No matter what anyone says :) For You~

most people remember the first kiss more in a relationship

Puppy Love! :)

There will always be more adventures for another day.

There will always be more adventures for another day.

Source: kneel4justice #my babies

Moves like jagger

My Bloody Valentine

Valentines... or Tuesday?

Happy Valentines Day, or Happy Tuesday, however you see the day I still want to send you a note saying: That you are perfect, in every way you could possibly be, at this very moment. Make this day special, and ever other that is to come
Huggles :)