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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Move on

In order to move on, you must know why you felt the way you did and why you no longer need to feel it


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When you really love someone, age, distance, height, weight.. is just a d*mn number~

lose your pride

It's better to lose your pride for your loved one than to lose your loved one because of your pride.


If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.


Sometimes I wander around
thinking if he ever thinks of me?

The way he glistens up my day with his
smile, I think I'm falling for him
my one and only sunshine

Took this picture this morning, or forenoon. Not edited in anyway, completely natural

Winnie the Pooh

Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

I know the truth

I know the truth, I just find it funny how many lies you can come up with.

Love is like a shadow

Love is like a shadow, when you chase it, it runs away, when you turn back and walk away, it follows you.

hardest decision

You know what the hardest decision is? 
Doing something that kills you inside just to make that person happy.

Sick of doing the right thing

the truth of matter is that you always know the right thing to do. the hard part is doing it.


Baby don't you fear, for I'll always be near.. I'll always be here

I care

I wish I knew how someone who use to be your best friend can just stop caring about you.

~Marie Curie

Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.


Friendship is NOT about whom you have known the 
longest... It's about who came, and NEVER left 
your side

Captain Heart

I guess Captain Heart says:
Retreat! Retreat!
(and that is exactly what I'm gonna do)


"I Miss You" will always be the second best thing after "I Love You."


If you only knew what I'm going through
I just can't smile without you
You came along just like a song
And brightened my day
Who would have believed that you were part of a dream
Now it all seems light years away

gonna smile

I`m gonna smile when I wanna cry,
act happy when I wanna die, laugh
out loud
when I`m feeling blue, and I
won’t let it bother me when I see her
with you.

first time

There's always
a first time for
everything, good
or bad.