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Saturday, June 4, 2011

there wouldn't be any stars left

hurt and learnt

remind me of you?

deepest, darkest, most dreadful

Dreams grow

*Find the time*

unless you wanted me too

I'd skip my sleep if you wanted me to
I'd stay awake if you wanted me to
I'd walk in the middle of the night if you needed me to
I'd choose you if the world was turning their back on you
I'd listen to your endless cries and cry with you
but I wouldn't turn away or move from you
unless you wanted me too
You see I'd do anything for you
because I'm somehow madly in love with you

not yet done

Never let a problem to be solved....

she believed!

things fall apart

swallow the fear

J.R.R Tolkien


far better things ahead

Your love life

we almost had it all

Would be perfect

doing absolutely nothing means

and everyday in between

unique type of guy


miss miss miss what happened?

between our

drawing hearts

details ^^

stay mad

completely different

two kinds of secrets.

isn't about stop loving him/her

Question isn't about stop loving him/her, its to figure out how to love him/her
even though they might not be mutual about the feelings. Love them
with all you got and don't expect anything back. After all its
not love if you hold a gun expecting an answer back..


talking to you

Dear Person in the Mascot outfit

not because love ends

keep on living

by none

the secret of life

honesty and loyalty


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