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Saturday, December 7, 2013

If you didn’t tear up at this part, you’re lying

— Aubrey Plaza

“Make all your decisions based on how hilarious it would be if you did it.”

i miss..

I miss how you wanted me.

- The Grinch

Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, 
Maybe Christmas means a little more.
- The Grinch

How To Keep Yourself Together During Your Run?

1. The watch is your enemy. I’m serious. Do you know the feeling when you just started your first mile & you are already panting/dying and you just glance over to check the time/distance and you suddenly are like “OH MY GOD I CANT DO THIS 36 MINUTES TO GO AND I CANT BREATH I CANT CANT”? You shouldn’t stop there, honey. You should cover your watch with something and you should focus on the NOW and not the remaining miles. Instead of watching the time, music is a lovely substitute. Usually a song is ~3:30 min, 2 songs are like 7 minutes. So you will run from song to song and not from minute to minute. On top of that you will gain motivation from your awesome playlists

2. Focus on your goal. Focus on a reward, you run for something, right? Maybe you want to get into shape or be fitter or whatever. Imagine Ryan Gosling waiting you at the finish line or looking hot or feeling & being healthy.

3. Focus on your problems. Running is the perfect place to release your stress. Everyone has problems, what makes difference is your reaction, the way you deal with your problems. Running is a challenge, you fight yourself, your problems, your insecurities. Let them come to you, and during your run, you will free yourself from them. Run your problems out.

4. Have a ‘keep calm’ song. ‘Keep calm’ songs are (surprise!:)) keeping you calm. When you feel like hyperventilating & you are like “i can’t do this, i want to stop” over & over again, use a keep calm song. And breathe more. Long, nice breaths will stabilize your heart rate.

5. Feel your body. That’s my favorite method (to be honest, I’m running for this feeling:)). I was a swimmer during my high school career (like 2-7 hours training everyday, yay!). And swimming is quite boring (you even can’t have your music) and challenging. So I started to focus on my body. My lungs, how I am getting breath, my legs, how they work. My arms, the motions, I started to watch my body and pay attention to my body. And my body in return kept me in the present, so I was just swimming, nothing more. ♥

— Paulo Coelho

“You don’t have to explain your dreams, they belong to you.”

I swear, when I’m a dad, my wife is gonna get like 0 time with my kids. My God, I can’t wait to be a father.

I think that is the cutest thing i have ever heard a guy say


this is the moment I fell in love with Steve

Somewhere, there’s someone

“Somewhere, there’s someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while, so when you’re lonely, remember it’s true, somebody somewhere is thinking of you.”

~George S. Patton Jr.

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite time in the future."

~Megan Johns

"Innocence invites protection, 
yet we might be smarter to protect 
ourselves against it..."

~Albert Einstein

"The thinking that has gotten us to where we are will be insufficient to solve the problems created in getting us here."

~ Elbert Hubbard

The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: 
Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.

— Alber Elbaz

“I feel more and more 
that the most beautiful people 
are the ones who are 
comfortable with themselves.”

I’m like that.

“I’m like that. Either I forget right away or I never forget.”

Don't regret.

“Don’t ever regret anything 
because regretting means 
wanting to forget every moment. 
Every moment is what makes you who you are today, 
every moment spent in regret is a moment wasted. 
Don’t waste your moments in life, 
you never know when you’ll stop waking up.”

I am so earnest and curious

Sometimes I sit on the bus and wonder where people are going. I am so earnest and curious. I wonder what they will do next. I think about how we all run in closed loops, encircling the five people we hold closer than family. The rest of the world has its own momentum and were living this one conscious lifetime but yet we’ve built invisible tunnels around ourselves where our thoughts spiral endlessly. There’s a man walking in front of me dressed in a black pinstripe suit and a navy tie. He has deep green eyes and a clean dark beard. I want to know why his eyes smile from behind thick rimmed glasses. I want to know why he moves like no one is watching. I pass by a park and I watch as a mother and her son cloudspot together. She is lying on the grass and her baby points up at the cloud elephants and the ocean in between. I fill in the whispers of conversation between them. My imagination revels in the lost world in between. I watch as a little girl dips her hands in sand and water, shaping together her mud pies. She ices them delicately, a hint of pink tongue peeking out from the corner of her mouth. Her parents whisper to each other between clenched teeth. I wonder who will hold her when she has a nightmare. I wonder when her feet were tickled last. I wonder when it was that she found sleep between the happy warm bodies of her parents. Reality is the space that we share with every living thing. Imagination is every color and every secret. Imagination takes life from the things we don’t say to each other. It is in the people we want to be. It is in that anticipating smile, in the zoo of the sky, in the taste of those mud pies. It is the pulse of the nightmare and the darkness of that little frail heart. It is what lives under your bed. It is what you find when you go far enough into space. It is the space between your fingers and it is the reason we dream.


It's only after we've lost everything

It's only after we've 
lost everything that we are 
free to do anything.

life doesn't owe us

— Alex Karras

It takes 
more courage 
to reveal 
your insecurities 
than to 
hide them.

— Aesop

“Be content with your lot one cannot be first in everything.”

— Nora Roberts

“If you don’t go after what you want, 
you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, 
the answer is always no.”

Alex & Sierra "Say Something" in an unplugged performance! - THE X FACTO...

so beautiful..... so so touching 

to fight

“The hardest battle you will ever have to fight is between who you are now and who you want to be.”

— where the romance never dies and the roses never wilt

I just want to be loved the right way. I want to come home to all of the windows open, the curtains swaying in the wind and the scent of apple pie drifting down the hall. I want to be loved even when I’m quiet and deep in thought gardening. I want a love that admires simplicity. 

Give me a love that is two cups of coffee gone cold because we decided to make love on the kitchen floor. Show me a love that fills the spaces between my ribs with passion.

A love that doesn’t fade in the night but whispers “forever” as we fall asleep.”

—from the official blood brothers synopsis by rob rodi and esad ribic

"The idea of a world without Thor sounds bleak to him. What would he live for? […] He realizes that Thor’s good opinion—his friendship, his love—is that which he has always desired and, starved of them, have made him what he is today.

— Henri J.M. Nouwen

“We have to choose joy and keep choosing it.”

There comes a time in life when

“There comes a time in life when you’ll have to leave everything behind and start something new but never forget the ones who stood by your side, especially the ones who never let you let go.”

the crazy ones

— Yasmin Mogahed

“You speak almost no words, but your heart screams. And somehow I hear it.”

This scene has such a greater significance

This scene has such a greater significance than what it may first appear. This is when Katniss had truly believed and accepted that she was going to die. That she had lost the war against the capitol, that it was all coming to an end, just as it was destined to in the beginning. She didn’t even fight anymore, it all just seemed so hopeless. The point when they had finally taken the spark out of the girl on fire.


“What I have with you, 
I don’t want with anyone else.”

i'm done with this show....