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Thursday, August 4, 2011

graduation speech


the Notebook [I'm in love with that movie...]

10 Lies they tell you in High School

"Good Enough"

spend time with someone that...

not the slightest clue

...you is suicide

out of my head

a wounded knee

at the same time

to make room...

'Til I walk in! [lmao seriously?]

no deadline

attaching it to pigeons

check the comment

Hit And Quit.

when you see your crush

the art of letting go


you really should

you won't see the tears I cry

Reality bites

love affair

be patient and tough

more than just the physical stuff

You're all that matters to me.

it would be a lie

be a good one

just doesn't disappear

technically a smoothie

for a little while

you're burning me baby

being honest and direct

the best things in life are free

a lot easier

punch a hole in the wall...


is this where is all starts?

a problem with my phone

getting food

why don't you go and find some other girl...

You knowwhat really sucks about falling for a guy you're not right for?

things I want to do...

p.s there's hope

Kay bye.

this instant

incredible woman you are



Life is so unpredictable

los arboles