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Friday, March 16, 2012

don't die wondering


you just need to know

Because I'm the oldest.

You give me bubbles

with that girl's arms around me

go out


I'm not worried

You can't go around saying you're unhappy
You can't go around thinking everything is shit
You can't act like life is all dull and grey
You can't ignore the magic around you
You can't just live in the present without having a vision
You can't be frozen when the tide is right behind you

Because seriously i'm not worried anymore, 
i think that you are this way because of the
attention you're seeking but avoiding the
commitment. Didn't kindergarten-teachers teach you
that you get double by giving more.
I'm not worried anymore,

Little Manhattan

a million kisses would be too few

a million kisses would be too few

When you're in public and a good song starts playing.



i woke up realising that there could never be a you and i