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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


— 2014

Tomorrow is 
the first blank page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one.

7 hours left

20 things to let go of in order to reach happiness.

Here are 20 things to let go of in order to reach happiness.

Things I accomplished in 2013:

1. I’m alive still

2. I didn’t get pregnant.

3. Not addicted to drugs

4. I didn’t kill anybody.

5. Spent more time on the internet

6. Joined more fandoms

7. Had no sex.

8.Didnt join a mafia group

— Joquesse Eugenia

“I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. If we don’t vibrate on the same frequency there’s just no reason for us to waste our time. I’d rather have no one and wait for substance than to not feel someone and fake the funk.”

Sierra: I would say to you…

If you could go back and give your Little Me advice, what would you tell [them]?
Sierra: I would say to you… (x)

how do you even...... O_O

"How are your grades?"

"What are you majoring in?"

"Have you got a girl/boyfriend?"

"What do you want to do when you graduate?"

If you want light

“If you want light to come into your life, you need to stand where it is shining.”

he’s so proud

Great friends

Great friends are hard to find, 
difficult to leave and 
impossible to forget

― Mahatma Gandhi

“Seven Deadly Sins Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Science without humanity
Knowledge without character
Politics without principle
Commerce without morality
Worship without sacrifice.””

Enjoy this

Enjoy this moment now, 
because they dont last forever