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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Changes on the blog

the old layout/design
As you can see some changes has been made on the blog... quite major ones which I hope you will like.
First of all there is a totally new Layout!  There is a poll.. or actually two where you can vote on:

  • What do you want more of on Now Never Ends~?
  • Like the New Design?

I've also changed the codes for the Recent Comments you can see to the right when you scroll down, so it looks much better:)  (All comments undergoes moderation to avoid spamming and unpleasant comments.) Hmm...  PLEASE give feedback for those who wish to be anonymous I've even made polls, (as mentioned before)

I think that is about it - I've talked about the highlights and I hope that you have a continuous great day/night~

Don't forget to Vote! :D 

being drawn to you.

left of me?

Dobby never meant to kill...


it socks to be lonely

Life is a maze~



Merlins Magic Heart Of Reiki HD

Find Your Love - Drake

Good for something~

shut up now!

don't need easy just possible


don't judge!

I'm totally cool

off the ground

you wouldn't understand

but it involves courage and risk.

can you??