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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Body Language Cues

Kiss Me
She’s leaning in a little bit, she’s looking at you with an inviting smile, she’s touching your arm, she’s even tilted her head a little… what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Get Away From Me Now
Arms crossed and an annoyed expression? She’s pulling away every time you try to touch her? He’s backing away every time you try to get closer? All of these spell out one thing and we’re not sure what you did but you’d better leave them alone.

Slumped Posture
This could mean a number of things but we’re always sure that it’s a sign of a really bad day. They’re either sad, discouraged, hurt or fearful about something. You should definitely see if they’re going to be all right.

Try It And See What Happens
See, the phrase “try it and see what happens” could mean something completely different depending on how it’s said but the body language here is telling you that something good will happen…

Don’t Even Think About It
The body language here is telling you that if you do decide to “try it” then “what happens” is probably going to hurt. Hands on hips is never a good sign! We’re warning you dude, don’t do it!

Playing with her hair
This one is kind of a no-brainer, if a woman is playing with her hair while she talks to you, she’s probably flirting with you… but she could also be trying to get the hair out of her eyes. Make sure it’s more of a “you’re really cute” gesture and less of a “I really hate my new haircut” sort of thing.

The Handshake
A strong handshake is good but when it’s too strong it could be a sign of insecurity. When it’s too soft, it could mean lack of interest. The best handshake is when your palm touches theirs, it is a sign of sincerity and openness for a good relationship.

Mirror, Mirror
When someone is mirroring what you do, it means that they are on the same page as you. In dating it’s a sign of attraction.

Avoiding Glance
When a person can’t look you in the eyes while speaking it could mean they are nervous but it usually means they are being dishonest about something. When they avoid eye contact while listening, it could mean they are not paying attention, they’re angry or that they have some bad news to admit.

Maintaining Eye Contact
When someone gives eye contact while speaking, it’s a sign of honesty. When someone gives eye contact while listening, it’s a sign of respect.

Leaning In
This is a great sign. If the person you’re talking to is leaning in as you talk, it means that they are completely engaged in you and your conversation together.

Raised Eyebrow
This could mean that a person is confused but it’s also a sign that the person is interested in what you’re saying and they want to know more.

This is often considered a nervous habit but it could also be a sign of impatience or discomfort. If someone is fidgeting a lot, they may need some comforting words or even some space.

Eye Roll
This one is kind of a no-brainer, they are seriously annoyed by whatever you just said. Choose your next words wisely!

Whisper in the Ear
This is a sign of intimacy and wanting to be closer to each other.