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Monday, March 25, 2013

People who do terrible things are just terrible people.

don't quite agree with the statement, however after all she has been through
i do understand that she believe it.

Life is not a race.

Caroline to Klaus: “I will bring You nothing but misery”

you're both.

“I’m not a warrior or a goddess,” I said at last.
Adrian leaned closer. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re both.

I just killed 12 people.

#you guys #omg #I cannot even with the two of them in those last two gifs #she’s so broken and can’t believe what she’s just done #her eyes so vacant except for the sheer horror #and his face #it’s like it shakes him to see her that horrified with herself #his face was much the same after he’d killed all his hybrids #and that’s why I think he makes that face #I bet he expected to feel a little satisfaction after killing his hybrids #but then he didn’t #he just felt empty #I don’t necessarily think Caroline expected to feel satisfaction after killing the witches #more so she expected to feel more satisfied for saving Bonnie #but she didn’t #she just feels empty #he wasn’t joking when he said they are the same

Aish Rai Bachchan

Two-faced woman

it's okay dear.. it will be alright

if not now then later,
if not tomorrow then sometime
just keep your head high and 
remind yourself
this is your life.

i love you x

when your iPod is on shuffle and million of your favorite songs come on in a row

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who had an instant crush on Oliver Wood, and mothereffin liars.


“The best way to recover and move on with your life is to cherish and be grateful for the happy memories … to let go of the pain so you can be free again … and to look ahead with hope to what the future holds.”

Ashes to ashes bones to dust

'Ashes to ashes bones to dust

Like unused metal I uncontrollably rust

Vision blinded by eternal darkness

My corpse lies torn and now truly heartless'