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Friday, November 8, 2013

Catching Fire

But Peeta’s intention is clear. 
That Gale really is my family, or will be one day, if I live. That I’ll marry him. 
So Peeta’s giving me his life and Gale at the same time. 
To let me know I shouldn’t ever have doubts about it.
Everything. That’s what Peeta wants me to take from him.

— Amy Poehler

“Opening your heart and being courageous and telling people that you care about them or like them or that you think they’re special only makes you a better, bigger, kinder, softer, more loving person and only attracts more love in your life.”

fed up

— Gemma Teller

“Only men need to be loved, sweetheart. 
Women need to be wanted.”

Crucial Ingredients for a Great Relationship

1. Shared sense of humour; lots of laughter and fun

2. Little gestures of thoughtfulness

3. Personal space (there needs to be separateness in your togetherness)

4. Having the ability to spend hours together (simply doing routine or humdrum things)

5.  Having “fairness and respect” rules in place for when you argue or fight

6. Having an attraction that goes beyond the physical; liking each other, and your personality

7. Believing that your partner has what it takes to live the life they want to live – believing in them always, especially when they’re down

8. Having a relationship that’s built on trust, openness, honesty and faithfulness. 

One day

— AndrĂ© Berthiaume

“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”

that your mind can't

Your heart knows things

that your mind can't