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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happiness is not the absence of problems

i could show you incredible things

The Flash

Even her shadow is fabulous

« To date I have only loved one girl … and I will keep loving only her throughout my life . » Raj Aryan

— Helene Wecker, The Golem and the Jinni

“All of us are lonely at some point or another, no matter how any people surround us. And then, we meet someone who seems to understand. She smiles, and for a moment the loneliness disappears.”

Oh Neville :)

My instructor doesn’t usually tell us to do 100 of anything. He just makes us start and keeps counting and counting and counting…

     "Just 10 more."
          "Last ten."
               "Really this time last ten."

       One more set.

Smile, you're lovely :)

you just want the past to stay in the past

There are times when you just want the past to stay in the past and not interfere with the present because you know there is no future.