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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today's Photoshop

just a fun thing^^

Just because

Just because I don't have an actual job doesn't mean I'm lazy

lost a loved one

Just because you've lost a loved one doesn't mean you can degrade other's losses.


Just because you have money doesn't mean you can put others down


Just because we argue, doesn't mean I don't love you.


Just because you're older doesn't mean your wiser. 

not easy

"Life is simple, it's just not easy." ~

no hate

Oh, I have loved him too much to feel no hate for him

I miss the time when

I miss the time when you're sleepy but you don't wanna sleep because you still miss me :')
I miss the time when we had a midnight conversation through msn :)
I miss the time when you held my hand when we're watching a movie :)       
I miss the time when you gave me a surprise on my birthday and i feel so happy! :)

Meant to be.

God made you, and he made me. Then he whispered, "Meant to be."

even though a person loves you

you must understand that even though a person loves you, you must consider the fact that you're not the only one that makes him/her happy.

piss off

If I piss you off, tell me!

this moment

"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next month."


My life is like a fairy tale. It's Grimm.

it's love

you know it's love when it's so hard to hang up the phone at night.. ♥

always you

I never realized how much I’ve always wanted you, until I had given up.

do you do you do you?

today's photoshop
Why are you saying something is wrong
when I am clearly smiling?

by ~whispered-nightmares

I Love You

There are three simple words
That have the power to leave me
Those words can produce beauty,
Deception, war, or more.
They can overturn cars
   Slice open wrists
   Saw through secrets.
The can shatter hearts, like
Crystal vases thrown against walls.
And yet,
They lead you to dream of a smiling future
   Rich with technicolor.
They tear off clothes and explore
   Every curve
   Every inch of skin
   Every moan that they create.
They can be
   whispered into your ear
   pondered inside your head
   shouted up to the sky
   or whimpered at times of need.
They are an exquisite revelation
   Of all the mysteries
   That wander around your mind.
Those words can burn the blood
Streaming in your veins.
They can maximize your heart speed
   Tint your cheeks
   Put a smile on your lips.
They can compose harmonious music
That rushes to your soul.
Those words contain an entire spectrum
   Of insecurities, wishes,
   And endless possibilities.
I'm hoping that
Whenever I utter those three words
Into your ear,
You feel the best, breath-taking emotions
That race through my bones
Whenever you say them to me.

You were 19 and I was 15

You were 19 and I was 15. 

I had the biggest crush on you, but knew I couldn't tell anyone because of such a huge age gap. One day, it slipped out. 

You looked me straight in the eyes and said "I'll wait for you." I'm 23 and we're getting married tomorrow. 

Age that doesn't matter gives me hope.
Sometimes we just have to forget about the nightmare and move on with the fairy tale.

see hell

If you wanna see hell in the most beautiful way.. FALL IN LOVE!

Crying is a sign

Crying is a sign that I'm alive, not a weakness!
Truth is that you scare the hell out of me

Who Are You?

Hey! I’m the loser
The one who gets picked on
The one who feels small

Hey! I’m the troubled one
The one who can’t handle life
The one who hates life with a passion

Hey! I’m the anorexic
The one who looks in a mirror and hates themselves
The one who vomits after they eat a peanut

Hey! I’m the gangster
The one who looks for attention the wrong way
The one who has such a huge ego it could be another continent

Hey! I’m the punk
The one who yells WUZZZUPP!
The one who walks around like they're trying to hold up their pants

Hey! I’m the weirdo
The one who acts like they escaped from a psych ward
The one who doesn’t care what people think about them

Hey! I’m a Goth
The one who wears mainly black
The one who is stereotyped as a devil worshiper

Hey! I’m prep
The one who has designer clothing
The one who owns everything

Hey! I'm a jock
The one who asks football or basketball?
The one who doesn’t care about anything

Hey! I’m the scrub
The one who doesn’t have a lot of clothes
The one who'll wear a shirt three days in a row

Hey! I’m a student
The one who hates anything related to work
The one who falls asleep in class

Hey! I’m a teacher
The one who'll push you to do better
The one who'll give you homework whether or not you whine

Hey! I’m a teen
The one who has to deal with peer pressure
The one who hates school

Hey! I’m an old person
The one who's stiff all the time
The one that's not over the hill but is at the bottom

Hey! I’m a person
The one who deserves every bit of respect you'd give a friend
The one who has feelings too

Who are you?
© Erika H. Strandlund

Comments: This is a really good poem and I want to share it with my readers. The source is written below and on the site you can find a lot of other good/great poems. It's your choice :)
Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/im-a-person-who-are-you

how much you hurt me....

If I could show you how much you hurt me, You'd never be able to look in me eyes again.

a fog

Love is like writing on a fogged glass it always fades away


Menstruation, menopause, mental breakdowns ==> most women's problems begin with men.

my darlings

Be with someone who knows what they have when they have you.

no wars

If women ruled the world there would be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other!


 Don't make her wait for you just because you know she will!

doesn't always mean

Staying away doesn't always mean its the end, it may also mean the best beginning.
 Laughter doesn't always mean happiness, sometimes it's just a mask.
 Anger doesn't always mean hatred, it could just be a means of coping.
 Silent, doesn't always mean yes. It may also mean no, but its better left unsaid.

It's not being in love that makes me happy. It's being in love with you that makes me happy.   


You have no idea what is going on beneath the surface


Pretending to "never get the text" from someone who annoys you.

A comes before C

Just like A comes before C: Before "I Love You" comes "I Love Me!"


Anybody can get an I LOVE YOU but fewer get an I LOVE YOU TOO!

yeah so I know about this, but I have a few people in my life whom I really love, I just want to make an effort in actually showing it than just saying it, because those three simple words (of 8 letters/3words and 1 meaning) is for me something that shouldn't be felt as a person holding a gun to you and shouting back I love you too!!!!!!!!!,.... no I want that person to know that its okay if you don't love me back but you're at least lovable and that is one lesson learned from the rejection.... gosh... why can't I stop? If IB won't kill me my own heart will..