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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


No magic outside of Hogwarts, dude. Come on

Like, Man,

i give myself very good advise

every once in a while

may not be here,

reversed psychology ;)

Can't you just let me be?

will come true

telling people

promised yourself you would never fall for.

someday I will



losing you.

i love things that makes you....

... it was nice

my surprise

i love you

a hole and acid.

Boys are like stars....

i don't care

Favourite Disney Singers

100% Indeed!

When a bug just scares the sh*t out of you,


ellen messing with Lord Voldemort

The problem with getting attached to someone....

couldn't be more true.
This is form the movie Zombieland... :)

it doesn't work

yesterday i loved you. today i leave you. tomorrow i'll miss you.

I can't help myself ^^


the date