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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I think guys should be asked wheater then want someone to sleep with or someone to wake up with.

silence can sometimes be a girl's loudest scream

Mr. Bean goes to the swimming pool


I'm Tired by Dave Harm

Not on a "pity-pot," nor ranting or venting... I'm just tired

I’m tired of being misunderstood,

             nerves are shot,
             weak – like old wood.

I’m tired of being ill,
             no energy, can’t think,
             losing my skills.

I’m tired of so-called friends,
             stabbing me in the back,
             again and again.

I’m tired of trying to make things right,
             i give up – I surrender,
             no will to fight.

I’m tired of seeing others in pain,
             raises frustration,
             drives me insane.

I’m tired of not being able to cry,
             i’d melt away,
             nothing left inside.

I’m tired because I can’t feel,
             walking in a daze – numb
             this can’t be real.

I’m tired of being “strong,”
             i’m weak, i’m fragile,
             its gone on way to long.

I don’t know what else to say,
             i’m hoping, i’m dreaming,
             i’m begging, i’m pleading,
             please, take this feeling away.

Right now… I’m just tired…

©2005 Dave Harm

A deeply emotional instrumental by Paul Collier - Always watching over y...

Britney Spears - Lucky

Britney Spears - Piece Of Me

Britney Spears - Everytime

I like these comments on this clip:

this video just shows how the media attacked and affected her and her loved ones; pushing their way through to her and wanting her to break which she did and even then they didn't have the decency to leave her alone; all for money.

Rob Thomas - Lonely No More (Video)

he looks like he needs a hug..

IB Tik Tok

yes I'm scared for life <3
IB ftw


i'm the best

Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz acoustic cover by Matt Beilis

50 Cent - Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo

50 Cent - Candy Shop ft. Olivia


Tu Cheez.Badi Hai Mast-Mohra

Aishwarya Rai - Thoda Sa Pagla

Dardi Rab Rab Kardi - Daler mehndi



Sunidhi Chauhan - Shut up and bounce

Dholna - Music Video - Pyar Ke Geet - Arbaaz Khan & Malaika Arora

Two Steps From Hell - Magika

magika + ordering your food at the drivethrough = THE MOST EPIC ORDER YOU MADE IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE.

Two Steps From Hell - Flameheart

It sounds like
00:01 - 00-05 Please give me some Coffee
00-12 - 0:14 I realy need some coffee
00:20 - 00:24 Please can i have some coffee
00:24 - 00-30 Something something something Coffee
Awsome song though

Soni Soni - Song - MOHABBATEIN BluRay 1080p

Rabb Kare Tujhko Song Mujhse Shaadi Karogi BluRay 1080p

Oh Lala Re Taarzan The Wonder Car Full Video Song Aayesha Takia [Vish]

Main Hoon Na - Title Song Sad version

Top Comments

  • Man i miss bollywood at when it was at its best. In the late 1990's to the early and mid 2000's that was what it was it was truly beautiful. Ahh man those shaadi song hits, and those cute bubbly actresses. Rani and Preity. Now, Bollywood's become so americanized and it's lost its ways. Ahh Kal Ho Na Ho, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Ghum, Mujse Dosti Karo Gi, Koi Milgaya, Fizaa, Mai Hoon Na, Sharukh and Kajol films, Veer Zara, those were the days....

Guru - Barso Re


Kaliyon Ka Chaman (HD sound & Video) with english sub

Daniel Radcliffe sings "The Elements" - The Graham Norton Show - Series ...

chemistry screwed his head to ^^

Ode to the Brain! by Symphony of Science

this is actually quite educational :P
I don't know why I'm uploading this video -.- biology freak I guess

mp3: http://symphonyofscience.com "Ode to the Brain" is the ninth episode in the Symphony of Science music video series. Through the powerful words of scientists Carl Sagan, Robert Winston, Vilayanur Ramachandran, Jill Bolte Taylor, Bill Nye, and Oliver Sacks, it covers different aspects the brain including its evolution, neuron networks, folding, and more. The material sampled for this video comes from Carl Sagan's Cosmos, Jill Bolte Taylor's TED Talk, Vilayanur Ramachandran's TED Talk, Bill Nye's Brain episode, BBC's "The Human Body", Oliver Sachs' TED Talk, Discovery Channel's "Human Body: Pushing the Limits", and more.

Special thanks to everybody who's donated to keep the project alive and to those who helped track down the material used in this video.

You may enjoy more of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor ( http://mystrokeofinsight.com ) at TED.com (http://www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight.html ) and in her book "My Stroke of Insight" ( http://www.amazon.com/My-Stroke-Insight-Scientists-ebook/dp/B0019IB0II/ref=tm... )

To download and watch more videos visit http://symphonyofscience.com.



[Robert Winston]
It's amazing to consider that I'm holding in my hands
The place where someone once felt, thought, and loved
For centuries, scientists have been battling to understand
What this unappealing object is all about

[Vilayanur Ramachandran]
Here is this mass of jelly
You can hold in the palm of your hands
And it can contemplate the vastness of interstellar space

[Carl Sagan]
The brain has evolved from the inside out
Its structure reflects all the stages through which it has passed

[Jill Bolte Taylor]
Information in the form of energy
Streams in simultaneously
Through all of our sensory systems

And then it explodes into this enormous collage
Of what this present moment looks like
What it feels like
And what it sounds like

And then it explodes into this enormous collage
And in this moment we are perfect
We are whole and we are beautiful

[Robert Winston]
It appears rather gruesome
Wrinkled like a walnut, and with the consistency of mushroom

[Carl Sagan]
What we know is encoded in cells called neurons
And there are something like a hundred trillion neural connections
This intricate and marvelous network of neurons has been called
An enchanted loom

The neurons store sounds too, and snatches of music
Whole orchestras play inside our heads

20 million volumes worth of information
Is inside the heads of every one of us
The brain is a very big place
In a very small space

No longer at the mercy of the reptile brain
We can change ourselves
Think of the possibilities

[Bill Nye]
Think of your brain as a newspaper
Think of all the information it can store
But it doesn't take up too much room
Because it's folded

[Oliver Sacks]
We see with the eyes
But we see with the brain as well
And seeing with the brain
Is often called imagination


[Robert Winston]
It is the most mysterious part of the human body
And yet it dominates the way we live our adult lives
It is the brain

aap jaise koi

Britney Spears - Toxic

"Takin' Back My Love" - Enrique Iglesias feat. Ciara

Red One
Enrique ...

Go ahead , just leave
Can`t hold you , you`re free
You take all these things
If they mean so much to you
I gave you your dreams
Cause you meant the world
So did I deserve to be left in hurt
You think I don`t know
You`re out of control
And then I find all this from my boys
Girl you said I`m cold , you saving souls
You already know I`m not a touching material

I give it all up
But I`m taking back my love ,
I`m taking back my love ,
I`m taking back my love ,
I`ve giving you too much,
But I`m taking back my love,
I`m taking back my love, my love,my love,my love,my love

What did I do?
But give up to you
I`m just confused
As I stand here look at you
From head to feet
Always about me
Go ahead keep your keys
It`s not what I need from you
You think that`s enough (I do)


N Sync - I'll Never Stop

N'Sync - Bye Bye Bye

haha I remember this song from my childhood^^

Glucose Song

Biologi Britta <3 you rock <3333

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

Psicologia inversa en su estado mas puro

Reversed psychology at its best! Amazing ^^

Mt Eden Dubstep - Escape (HD)

Jaan Leva - Moksha

KE$HA - TiK ToK - (Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) - Kesha Music Video

I like this version a lot more than the original version

Replay -- IYAZ -- Jeff Hendrick and Tyler Ward (Acoustic Cover) - Downlo...

♫ MEDWYN GOODALL - Water Song (Music for Relaxation & Meditation)

i like the fairy-ish video :)

Amit Sana - Chal Diye

Agnes Carlsson - On and On (Official video)

Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again

Taio Cruz - Dynamite (7 Year Old MattyBRaps Cover/Remix)

maybe the next Eminem. This guy got attitude but yeah.. he can rap ^^

8 Year Old Raps Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me Cover/Remix (MattyBR...

Are the years getting monotonous?

Are the years getting monotonous? The same old seasons and weather, never anything new to admire or wonder at? Rest assured the monotony is in our eyesight, which goes on seeing nothing but the common and invariable things; simply because, from long familiarity, these are the easy things to see. But these are only the frame of the picture; the picture is never twice alike.

3 Year Old Artist(AMAZING!!!)

PGT contestant doing a horse...

Lmao, this female is crazy... this is the description of the video:
Pilipinas Got Talent contestant named BM "big mouth" doing a horse and other weird sounds. He was singing a Pilipino song entitled " Banal na aso, Santong kabayo"-- "Holy Dog, Saint Horse" by Yano.
Crazy, just crazy lmao. I don't understand the make-up

3 Doors Down - When You're Young

So far away from knowing where I am going
I am trying hard to find out who I am
They all see that I don’t know what I am doing
I say they don’t hardly understand

Why can’t they remember
What I will never forget
How these dreams come undone
When you’re young

You give what you give cause they make you
Trapped inside a place that won’t take you
And they want you to be what they make you
It’s already over and done
When you’re young

Everything seems perfect
Everything’s okay
And it will all get better now
At least that’s what they say
But I don’t see it coming

You give what you give cause they make you
Trapped inside a place that won’t take you
And they want you to be what they make you
It’s already over and done
When you’re young

Days really just seem longer
They say it’s better this way
I hope one day I am stronger than I feel
And I hope it feels different than today

You give what you give cause they make you
Trapped inside a place that won’t take you
And they want you to be what they make you
(It’s already over and done) [x3]
When you’re young

Why can’t they remember
What I will never forget
How these dreams come undone
When you’re young

source:3 Doors Down – When You’re Young Lyrics - http://www.hotnewsonglyrics.com/3-doors-down-when-youre-young-lyrics.html

Woh pehli bar ("that first time")

Walking on the moon amazed America's Got Talent!!

Wow Didn't expect this but this guy CAN sing! :D
I would without any doubt buy your album!

JoJo - Baby It's You (Official Music Video 720p) HD


[Verse 1]
Can somebody explain to me
Why everybody is trying to be
Living like a celebrity
Doing what they see on MTV.
Ice is cool but I am looking for more, simple things is what my heart beats for.

Cause its me
I don't ask for much
Having you is enough

You ain't got to buy nothing
It's not what I want
Baby it's You
We don't have to go nowhere
Its not what I want
Baby it's you
It's not for what you got
Cause I know you got alot
No matter what you do
You always gettin Hot
It's You,
It's You
Baby all I want is You Yeah

[Verse 2]
It don't matter that your car is fly
And your rims are spinning on the side and
It don't matter where we go tonight
Cause if I'm with you I'll be alright.
That's cool but I'm lookin for more
Its your love that my heart beats for.

Cause thats me
Don't have to spend a dime
I just want your time.

[Musical Break]

Yeah Yeah Yeaey Yeahey Ye Ye Yeay......[Fades Out]

source: http://www.lyrics007.com/Jojo%20Lyrics/Baby%20It's%20You%20Lyrics.html