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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


by ~Burnt-Toast75
Don’t cry,
because someone is falling in love with your eyes
Don’t scream,
because someone is falling love with your voice
Don’t frown,
because someone is falling in love with your smile
Don’t hide,
because someone is falling in love with you

11:11 make a wish

by ~the-chemical-factory
she always liked poetic boys, the ones that talk in riddles. it’s plain and simple why she liked him. he was like a scattered puzzle waiting to be put together. she always wanted to be the one who would collect the pieces and make him whole again.

while she was busy seeing stars, he would be busy trying to find his pulse. he could never find it, and sometimes it worried him. it worried him that he could never find the proof that he was really there. often he would put his hands on her heart and it would beatbeatbeat. he would take such comfort in knowing that at least one of them was alive.


“i don’t have a heart.” he confessed, laying on white bed sheets.
“you do, i can hear it.” she replied, laying her head on his chest.

at the time, he wasn't sure whether he should have believed her or not, but he so badly wanted to.


he once told her that he was scared that when he dies, no one would remember him and he wouldn’t be missed. he once told her that he felt like he wasn’t living his own life, he felt like he was looking at someone else’s life through a series of photographs.

he use to tell her to make a wish whenever the clock turned to 11:11 but the truth is, back then she had nothing to wish for. now since he left, when the clock turns to 11:11 she wishes for him to come back even though she knows he never will it just makes things easier.

STRONG: The most

The most selfish 1 letter word - I - avoid it.
The most satisfying 2 letter word - We - use it.
The most poisonous 3 letter word - Ego - kill it.
The most used 4 letter word - Love - value it.
The most pleasing 5 letter word - Smile - keep it.
The fastest spreading 6 letter word - Rumour - ignore it.
The hardest working 7 letter word - Success - achieve it.
The most enviable 8 letter word - Jealousy - distance it.
The most powerful 9 letter word - Knowledge - acquire it.
The most essential 10 letter word - Confidence - trust it.

Mahatma Gandhi

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.


You believe in Karma
What you give is what you get returned.

Guardian Angel

Don't drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly.

Mohabbatein - One Of The Most Romantic Movie I've Seen In My Life


When you forgive it takes you from the place of the victim to that of a victor.

God made friends

God made friends to remind us to laugh a lot and to be silly sometimes

stop thinking

I love you, I do. but why I can't stop thinking about him?


"I love this movie"
Song: Ishq hua
Movie: Aaja Nachle

Just Because

Just because I don’t say I love you, doesn’t mean I don’t


High Quality Video of 
Song: Aaja Mahiya
Movie: Fiza

Just Because

Just because I’m honest, doesn’t mean I’m outspoken

sad words

Of all sad words of tongue or pen; the saddest are there: ''it might have been''


Eating with people and explaining why you eat slowly:

1) I'm not comfortable eating around you (yet)
- the most straightforward and honest answer you can give someone... but not recommend
2) I'm enjoying the food ;) 
- diplomatic and funny - works every time, experience talking