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Monday, August 29, 2011

How can I trust someone new by Zoe

How can I trust in someone new
when the only person I can trust is you?
My secrets are deep
as I heartbrokenly weep
from midnight to noon
shall I depart soon?

This is not a plea
I know that everyone is better off without me
Nor is this a cry for attention
Or a begging note for affection

So many things I wish to tell
But I simply can't - even if you mean well
No place I can run to
No place I can hide
From myself
Whilst I'm ruining my health

Is this just a phase?
Though it seems like I'm lost in a maze
Killing myself slowly
I long to meet something so Holy

I want to take that last breath,
Plummet into that dark death
That they call a grave
But for now I'm a slave
- A victim of emotional pain

I think about death on a regular basis
Never stopped to think how I'd miss your faces
I want to be loved
I long to be held
But that is impossible to ask for
I'm ready to close that door

How will it feel?
Will it ever be real?
To be touched
to be loved...?

My hands are shaking
My strength is breaking
I can't take this any longer
Life couldn't go any wronger

I despise this
It makes me sick
I want it to end
And really quick

source: http://www.scrapbook.com/poems/doc/19725/198.html