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Sunday, September 25, 2011

forcing yourself

Once of the hardest part in life is forcing yourself
to forget the things that made you happy just
because it's over. 

we must

we must bring 
our own light
to the

Fact 101:

You forget 90%
of your dreams.

a maximum of 4 months

Based on 
study, a crush only lasts for 
a maximum of 4 months. If it 
exceeds, then 
you're already in love.

your crush

That awkward moment
when your crush
asked you who 
your crush is

old song

"that song is old"

"sorry, i didn't know 
there was an 
expiration date  on music"


I was foolish enough to
fall for you.

together forever

together forever, never apart
maybe in distance but never in heart.

less and more

the less you talk
the more it hurts

-Remember the Magic

Do you remember the way it used to feel? 
When love was only make-believe and fairytales were real? 

the core


putting in head phones and lip syncing like you f**king wrote the song


HA! You thought I forgot - Never :D True Smallville Fan Right here baby

Anything, anything

I'll make you believe in me
I can be what you want me to be
Tonight is the night
Where I make you see
That I can be anything
Anything, anything

stand up and accept yourself. Because there is someone who likes you just the way you are :)

you know, she is kind of running away... (again) and she can't help it

a hybrid

colour my sky in stars and light

sweet sleep

you have no idea.

the seventh sense

is the seventh sense 
which destroys all the 
six senses 

like you