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Friday, February 17, 2012

is just a cousin of death

i have loved and i have lost

i have turned and i have tossed

i have listened and i have watched

i' have given into this for long enough

i have lost and i have loved

so don't close your eyes.

Not just yet for

sleep is just a cousin of death

by Unknown

-Stephen Gomez

-Bob Marley

if you love someone

never met you

the best boyfriend you'll have isn't the best looking

a lot more than you think

She & He

Epic Fact #184

running away

Unforgotten - Martin O'Donnell

having this song on replay :)

Jean Michel Jarre - Rendez Vous II

Do you ever stop in life thinking about your path?

If love was a question would you tell me the answer if you knew?

                            If love                                              was a
                     question would you                          tell me the answer
                if you knew? If love were,                wh
at would you do  and is
            there a limit to what you would      go through 
to accrue, construe
          the answer to love if it was asked  to you.  When l
ove’s in a question
        “Do you love me, yes or no?” or “What helps love insid
e of you grow?”
       within yourself an answer is usually stowed  if you thro
w  down the walls
      hiding what you know. Love as a question with no obvious
 suggestion for
      an expression with an answer open to the disretion of the 
one asking and
      the one tasked with masking their thoughts does not have  
answer of the
      sort questions usually sport.  Answers  will be open to ret
ort as it will be
       unique to whoever gave the report. . “Love?” A playful sho
ve to show I
         treat the one I love above boundaries imposed on me. “L
ove?” like a
           a warm, well fitting glove, more fiiting of peace that a
ny dove, a big
             insulating fabric for my soul.  As many as there are a
sked  love
               as a query will be as many answers received, seld
om dreary.
                   Love is the solution to so many riddles that fi
ddle inside
                       so many minds but love as a question is an 
                           with an answer that only one at a tim
e can find.
                                If love was a question and you hel
d, had
                                     possession of the impression 
of an
                                         answer, would you still l
et me
                                             know and would our love
                                                 still grow if I did not
                                                     agree with what
                                                          you were
                                                            able to

Tiësto - Edward Carnby


Shto li mesetchinko greesh 
[Why are you glowing little moon?]
Ta mi makata ogriavash 
[To enlighten my pain!]
Dolu senki se tcherneyat 
[Down here the dark shadows]
I prekarshvat mi krilata
 [have cut my wings]

Shte li mi zorata vlee 
[Will the dawn fulfill me]
Novi sili, giva vyara 
[with vital strenght and belief?]
Da otlitna, da prehvrakna 
[To elevate, to be elevated]
Sas zorata da se sleya 
[with the rising sun, fade away]

Eh, denyat kogat' raztsyfne 
[And when the day will burst]
Tchist kato voda ot izvor 
[Flowing as pure as the water source]
Shte raprysne li tamata 
[Will it dispel the darkness]
Na syrceto mi v noshtite 
[of my heart?]

love has a way of making people weak

Deep down i know
     that this is not okay
Deep down i hope
     it will disappear
Deep down i pray
     that i might heal 
Deep down i seek
     for strength that disappeared

Friends and Foes

Forget those who never gave a damn about you
Remember those whom always stood by you
If they forget you and flick you off like a used cigar
They will never know how great you really are

Song Of The Templars.

so beautiful... 

When you least deserved them

Remember those
That were there for you
When you least deserved them.

next thing you know

-do you understand the difference about like and love?

Silsile Mulaqaton Ke - Bardaasht

Sad piano

i think of it more as calming :)

Saat Samandar

Robotman - Talang 2007 E03

Sweden Got Talent! They had indeed, with a great jury!

Pyaar Hai inspired by Jay Sean Ride It (Hindi Version) Lyrics + Translat...

Piya Piya O Piya [Full Song] Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega

Ne-Yo - Miss Independent

Teri Kurti Sexy - Vaada

"Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega Title Song" Ft Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee

Maine Payal Hai Chhankai

so sweet :)

Mélissa M - Cette fois

Ace Of Base - 1995 - Beautiful Life (HD)

Boys boys boys - Sabrina

Okay, this video is apparently not appropriate for children or young teenagers so
if you're an adult or over 17 you can carry on clicking on read more. if not, enjoy the rest of the content but not this. Your parents will be really mad at me, if you defy this. -.-

ATC - All Around The World (la la la la la la la la)

Daze - Tamagochi

hahahahahaahahah, this brings so silly memories to life xP

choose to be happy.

Daze - Superhero Lover [OFFICIAL]

bring you pain

is it wrong to love someone that you know will only bring you pain?

Bheer Mein Tanhai Mein

i know this is a bit of a sad song, but i'm only able to listen to this
kind of music as my headache is at its worst at the moment. However
it is a beautiful song :)

get no response

I.. I.. I.. I..

Come on get to know me

i really needed to fart

Don't deny it ^^

When you give someone a long ass explanation & they don't get it.

time to take a risk

a draw

Guys you know its a draw, if I don't get more votes on the poll! Make your vote!! 

make your move, before I'm gone. Because people change and hearts move on.

a short message to all my readers and followers

I just want to send out a short message to all my readers and 
followers, Thank you so much for spreading this blog to other people, 
it means a lot to me :)

Have a continuous great day :)

— Maya Angelou

“Having courage does not mean that we are unafraid. Having courage and showing courage means we face our fears. We are able to say, “I have fallen, but I will get up.”