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Sunday, October 16, 2011

we do not always share the feelings of ours - staying strong for others and in the processes forgetting about ourselves.

ehm, na

To U, It's True!!

Here's something for your lonely heart!
You really meant a lot to me
doesn't matter what I said or did to you
days, months years has past.
time is running by way too fast
I hope you understand
I know you can be a man
just go with the flow
There's more things for you to know
Untouchable memories
for you and me
can be gone and free!!
It's hard to say...
but we can't stay
It might not look true
but it is too!
I'll be your friend, it has not ended
There's someone out there,
don't worry about me,
follow your trail I want you to know,
before I go!
There's always you in my soul!
it doesn't matter if its miles or inches between us I'll always be there for you and
 you won't have to come up with excuses to get a chance to talk,
make random calls, be an idiot, just do something so I know you're
alive and remember getting to know you has been my privilege 

"give it a break"


Are you serious?

The secret to friendship is being a good listener.

We should be mindful of what we toss away, be careful of what we push away, and think hard before we walk away.

When we're about to say goodbye, remember how hard it was to say "Hello".

Some people accidentally walk on my feet and apologize, while others walk all over my heart and don't even realize.

Happy Birthday Smallville

OMG! Are you Superman?

Where the hell is your .... ?

there is always hope

people get scared

when some people get scared they get angry others run away

Tom Welling

well with fortune tellers

Zor-El & Tess Mercer

This is Smallville~


Tom Welling



Lois and Clark


birth of a new Superhero

good boy going bad

flying away

just tell the truth

flying date?

when eyes takes over the verbal language



when people you love just end up hurt, after a while you start thinking its because you're cursed 

Oliver and Lois


lmao I love the cut and paste:P just look at Clark xD

Clark Chloe awkward moment

Too much?

just how much he cares~

a warrior of Zor-El

*big smile*

Shut up?

epic fail

my hero

back to the future

i got this, look :P

that someone special