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Saturday, March 28, 2015

— synsynish

I. Tsunami
The moment I realised I liked you, I told myself I couldn’t. A plethora of reasons forbade me to do so but the heart wants what it wants. I plunged headfirst into the ocean of you; swam in my hopes and dreams, only to drown in my emotions every time I swim ashore to reality.
You are the tsunami of emotions that I feel when I look into your eyes.

II. Earthquake

Albeit the warnings of the danger that looms, my heart was stubborn and foolish. The more time I spent with you, the more I learned about you, and the more I fell. What I wasn’t prepared for was the sudden magnitude of feelings I had for you, even after the tremors subsided.

You are an earthquake that has shattered my soul.

III. Tornado

That night, you kissed me with beautiful words and false hope. Empty promises whispered into my ear that would dance across my skin. I was swept up in your lies, my feet above the ground as I soar high above the city lights. I spiralled out of control and fell down to earth —wrecked.

You are a tornado that destroyed me.

IV. Drought

I hate to admit it but after you left, my heart cracked on every path you have walked on. A now barren land, incapable of supporting new life. How could you breed love when you lacked the necessity that kept it alive? The tears kept on falling even though I was parched.

You are the drought in your leaving.

V. Flood

Time passed and I have learned to heal by stitching the broken pieces with threads of sentences and patches of paragraphs. Writing is my remedy but why is it every time I pick up my pen, all I ever write about is you?

You are the flood of memories that haunts my mind.