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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Listening to music while getting ready to take a shower.

but i doubt

- Immanuel Kant

Rules for Happiness: 

  • something to do, 
  • someone to love, 
  • something to hope for.

keep everyone happy

once you fall in love

~ April Grace Pailagao

The Past
Loving you is not an easy task,
And your love in return is all I could ever ask.

Whenever I see your smile,
You make me so fine.

Whenever you hold my hand,
I feel like I’m on a faraway land.

Whenever you initiated a kiss,
It feels like God’s granted me a wish.

But our love is not destined to last,
And those memories will forever remain as THE PAST…

i love you

some questions are much harder to ask

some questions are much harder to ask
 because we are so afraid of the answer.

Words worth living by... Uniqueness, Unity and of course Urmi

i love this one :)

Do what you can, 
for who you can, 
with what you have, 
and where you are.

Life is about

Life is about trusting our feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness and appreciating the memories we made along the way.

before after

They say "Life is a bitch"...so if a guy tells his girl "You are my life"...its like saying "You are my bitch".

Trust me, I'm a liar.

step up in a fight

Sometimes you have to step up in a fight...
only to see who is standing by your side.

Sometimes...the person you fall for...isn't ready to catch you.

What scares me

What scares me is knowing 
that at any moment you could rip my heart out 
and step on it and
I would just pick it up and  
hand it right back to you.

It's called putting everything aside

Everyday I smile and act like nothing's wrong. 
It's called putting everything aside and simply being strong.

certainty and responsibility.

Being a boy is a certainty. 
Being a man is a responsibility. 

Do not mess with someone else's feelings

Do not mess 
with someone else's feelings 
just because you are unsure of yours.

It's okay to be S.I.N.G.L.E

It's okay to be S.I.N.G.L.E cause it shows that 
you haven't found anyone who deserves you yet, 
and that you don't depend on others for happiness.

you’re a little overplayed.

Like my favourite record, you’re a little overplayed. 
Like my favourite summer, you’ll never fade away

Love doesn’t require you to be perfect.

Love doesn’t require you to be perfect. 
Love requires you to forgive

Don't give up when you still have something to give

Don't give up when you still have something to give, cause nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.

3 Elements of Love

Affection, Attention, Appreciation.

If you

If you love me, say it. 
If you trust me, do it. 
If you want me, show it. 
If you need me, prove it.

The happiest couples

The happiest couples never have the same character. 
They have the best understanding of their differences

A girl's favorite songs will tell you

A girl's favourite songs will tell you more about her feelings than her lips ever will.

I'm a very patient person

I'm a very patient person and I give plenty of second chances, but I am not a perfect, I have my limits.

When i die don’t write “R.I.P” on my grave… write “B.R.B”

Happy Saturday

What do you get when you eat beans and onions? 

"Tear Gas" ;)

It's hard to be strong when all you really want to do is break down.

Miracles of women

  • Miracles of women → Getting milk without eating grass.
  • Miracles of women → Bleeding without getting hurt.
  • Miracles of women → They can intoxicate men without giving any alcohol.
  • Miracles of women → They can win the world without fighting any battle.

~ Cynthia Nelms

Nobody really cares if you're miserable, 
so you might as well be happy. 

Life is like Facebook.

Life is like Facebook. People will like my problems and comment, but no one will solve them because everyone is busy updating theirs.

It's a blessing to love,

It's a blessing to love, it's a blessing to have someone to love, and its a major blessing to get the same love in return.

~Isak Dinesen

The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.

Pride and ego has people ruining their own relationships

- Unknown

If God is the DJ, 
then Life is the dance floor; 
Love is the rhythm, &
 You are the music

That smile is a symbol of

Just because a person smiles all the time, doesn't mean their life is perfect. That smile is a symbol of hope & strength.

Sometimes, music helps me to escape from the reality which i live in.

Being single doesn't mean

Being single doesn't mean you're available.
Sometimes it means you just want to be left alone.


Church = 6 letters. 
Mosque = 6 letters. 
Temple = 6 letters. 

Bible = 5 letters. 
Quran = 5 letters. 
Geeta = 5 letters.

People call me "immature"

People call me "immature" 
I call it "having fun and not giving 
a *beep* about what people think 
about me."

there is always going to be that person

There's always going to be that one person I wish I could be with, even after knowing that person doesn't want to be with me.

a Tomato is a fruit

Knowledge is knowing a Tomato is a fruit. 
WISDOM is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

I'm fine. Really. Aren't I always?

Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Harry potter is about confronting fears, finding strength and doing what's right. 

Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.

Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you.

I don't know how I feel about anything anymore, my mind is a mess.

killing me slowly

You are enjoying it 
aren't you?
Just keep killing me slowly

*crossing the road*

Age 5 : Holding mommy's hand. 
Age 10: Stop, Look, Listen. 
Age 13+: RRRUUNNN!!!

The saddest love is to love someone, to know that they still want you, but the circumstances don't let you have

I care too much.. That's how I got hurt.

I deserve much better

Today I realized that you're not as great as I though
 you were. In fact, I deserve much better that 
everything you've put me through..

Responding to my texts with the letter "K" ...quickest way to end the conversation.

That Friend who stay high 24\7 (Oh thats me) :P

"A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at." - Bruce Lee.

If a girl replies "k", you must done something to piss her off.

All those ridiculous songs about love...


What I feel like in the morning

Wade Kinsella

these feelings