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Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome September

“Time is the treasure of life. Time IS life. Time is the willing sacrifice that you offer up to the worship of what you love. Don’t tell me what you love. Tell me where you spend your TIME and I’ll tell YOU what you love. “
September is here, summer is over, school has begun for most students and Life is very much back to the old... Summer 2012, has been PACKED with things to do and now that i look back i'm very much proud over my accomplishments. Inner satifaction ;

As for now I'm back into study-mode. You see we did not get a soft start, no we were thrown into the mud with a hardcore course at the Uni and I must say that it is slightly a challenge to stick to the study-planning when all you want to do is relax and sleep, but hey, no one said it was easy to chase dreams. I'm just too stubborn to slow down. The sooner i get where I'm supposed to get the better. Of course, I'll smell the flower on the way :)

Now about the blog, don't worry, i have some really nice things coming up ;) 

Have a wonderful day and don't remember to set your goals, daily, weekly,monthly and 3-months forth!

Cheers! :)