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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Toothless you cute little shit.

— Born Free

You don’t have to choose between your sexual side, your intellectual side, your emotional side, or your spiritual side…. Just combine them all into one powerful expression and shine that brilliant light all across this world and beyond.”

Mistakes mean you are trying and that is never wrong.

One of the things I’ve really focused on as a parent is making sure my kids know that making lots of mistakes is the best way to learn something new. If you get something on the first try it might be exciting, but you haven’t really learned anything. This is definitely something I was not taught as a child, unfortunately, which made me averse to trying anything new out of a fear of failure. It’s taken me a long time to retrain my thoughts to not take errors as huge blows to my self-confidence.

My kids deserve better. All kids deserve better. ~JJ

telling you something nice about someone? hmm...

telling you something nice about someone? hmm... 
a close friend feel asleep on new years eve next to her secret crush, when she woke up he was sleeping next to her and holding her in his arms. everyone knows that they love each other since a long time but they are both to shy. this really happened, its not a story.

@SimonCowell: Thank. You. America.

@SimonCowell: Thank. You. America. [x]

— Winona Ryder

“I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I’ve f**king thought of it.”

the scariest part is that this is exactly how most parents are

i do this. time after time after time!

Don't worry, honey. I'm gonna help you with your EspaƱol!

Sometimes You Meet Someone

Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.

you can't open it until Christmas