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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why don't people get it?

I don't say negative stuff, yes I do complain or dread about things. My intentions are NEVER to make any one feel offended or inferior... really, well unless you're on my dislike-list then... you're pretty screwed.. :P 
Take for instance an event that happen this week.. I have this friend.. super cute and really the gesture of paying for the "lady" is really sweet and adorable but girls in general are independent when it comes to money... its another thing if its a date or if you see him/her everyday. Then you can have this equalizer between each other... now considering how I personally insist on paying for myself it's because of equity... I mean yeah right every now and then its okay but not when you don't finish the food and the friend pays for it.. that ain't a nice feeling...
just wanted to get that off my chest. Have a good day...