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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Brown Things

A very old and wise man once told his friend:

Look carefully at the room we’re sitting in and try to remember all of the things of brown color

There weren’t many brown things in the room and the friend quickly accomplished the task. But then the old wise man asked him the following:

And now close your eyes and list all the things… of blue color.

Confused, the friend said:

I haven’t seen anything blue because, as you asked, I was only memorizing brown things!

The wise man answered:

Open your eyes and look around – there are many many things of blue color in the room.

This was absolutely true.

The old man continued:

If you only look for brown things in the room, and in your life you are only looking for bad things, then you will only be seeing them, noticing them, and remembering them. They will become major actors in your life. Remember: if you’re constantly looking for bad things, you will always find them and you will never see the better, brighter and happier things in your life.