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Saturday, April 21, 2012

i love you too!

the Help

F*cking act like it!

When I sing...

at home:

when my favorite song play on the radio:

in the shower:

in the computer:

if someone asks me to sing:

When it comes to insults. Always be there for your bestfriend.

when your bestfriend insults someone:

but when someone insults your bestfriend:

Can you just stop being so cute?

Forgetting and remembering

Girls and Women

You change for two reasons.

Now you're just somebody

always trying to reconcile the conflicting desires to feel:

it's surprising

just kids

Regnet öser ner medans hjärtat ler~

Do you guys have any idea how happy i am right now?
How happy i am at this moment, i feel free:er than free, its kind of weird because its source is because of a irresponsible action who's consequences are affecting the outcome. I'm so happu at the level of dareness and stupidity it had, but you know what? I don't regret it! I don't! I'm glad i did it, because it gave me so much! So much insight and now its just so stupid and idiotic and weird and totally reckless but i did it. 
It's a long story... but right now, it feel like i'm human and that i can live my life thinking back on this day happening that imagining all the scenarios if it had happened. 
Love, Peace and Hope xxo