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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Coffee Break

this pictures us truly stunning
If we were out, "fika/coffee break/tea-time" what would you order?
(each drink has a hidden meaning)
  • Water - neutral 
  • Coffee - Just Friends 
  • Te - You care 
  • Cappuccino - You love me 
  • Milk - I'm your special person 
  • Fruit juice - We are best friends 
  • Beer - You hate me 
  • Wine - You like me 
  • Vodka - You want me forever 

sweet sleep~


Why do I act like I'm all high and mighty,  When inside, I'm dying, I am finally realizing I need help.

Nicki Minaj Sings 'Super Bass' with Sophia Grace (Full Version)

gosh, Nikki Minaj got to me, and just look at the girls - awwh :)

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass By Sophia Grace Brownlee

Look at this first :)

i wish

going to be the same


i can't be there with you...


okay, that's enough practise

I believe you're blushing, Mr Big Artiste

Where to, miss?

very creative

wearing only this...

so little time

you can't have a relationship built on a ...

if you'd know

live by the sun, feel by the moon

things will never feel this beautiful again...

sometimes you make me feel so worthless.

Every kid today wants to be Batman, Superman or Spider-man. I blame the parents.


the Fluteman


smoking kills you and the feelings inside. Avoid it, exercise.

can a heart still break once it's stopped beating

take a trip today


you know you've found true love when you feel completely comfortable being yourself. But for God's sake, .....

i still love him

And i lie awake and

i know someone who has a crush on you


a box of dreams and wishes

make it quick

more than your own

2am & 8am

why can't we dare to care about people,stories and messages like this and TAKE ACTION to help those in need? Today's generation are so self-centred and egoistic that we forget about the simple things such as saying, 'do you want me to stay tonight?'

nothing to eat....

i guess i just wasted my time worrying about you


everybody has their own way

it might not make sense from my actions but i'm terrified of height and of love because I don't want to start flying and then suddenly fall~

Buckle up


the road to a friend's house is never long~

one day

one day I'll be able to walk out of that door and never look back,
one day I'll fucking slam it so hard that the lock will degenerate,
one day I'll be able to look you in your eyes and say
Loving you wasn't hard, stopping was.
Silencing the pain of never having you and understanding the logic
of meaningless hit me over and over again, but i was stubborn and
let myself fall again. Now I'm tired, i'm tired of this shit,
i'm moving on, i'm walking out, walking out that godforsaken door.